#afterschool in Schwenningen: A new way to find a job that is even fun – Villingen-Schwenningen and surroundings

Counting on active participation in the event “#after school. Your Life. Your job”. May 12 at “Halle – Center for Creativity and Start-ups”: from left) Clemens Boog, Gaby Schrenk and Dirk Werner. Photo: Kuster

At #afterschool, fear of finding a job and a future should be taken away from school-age students. Twelve companies will present themselves on May 12 at “Halle – The Creative and Founders’ Center” – at eye level.

VS-Schwenningen – The last exams are written, the last holidays are celebrated with classmates and the school days are slowly but surely coming to an end. Until then, at the latest, many students will ask themselves: What then? A situation that is familiar to the three organizers of the upcoming #afterschool event: Gaby Schrenk from Straub-Ver Verpackungen GmbH, Clemens Boog from Continental Automotive GmbH and Dirk Werner, initiator of “The Hall – The Creative and business incubator”.

Fun at work and in the future

“For this reason, we are deliberately avoiding the exhibition deadline,” explains Gaby Schrenk. “We want to get rid of students’ fears and treat them as equals. They should have fun in their work and in the future, rather than making a worried face at both of them. ” For the same reason, the event will also take place in the hall on Lichensteinstrasse. Instead of “working through” various stands in a sterile exhibition hall, companies and students should get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere.

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The presentation intentionally remains simple and uncomplicated: “There is nothing more than a bar table and a roll up poster. This applies to everyone equally, ”emphasizes Clemens Boog. When making their choice, they wanted to choose companies that also approach students. “We didn’t want people to hide behind tables and booths,” says Werner; Schrenk and Boog add: And so they would sense the growing insecurity among students, exacerbated by the crown pandemic. It is also getting harder and harder to reach young people or go to school due to the pandemic.

Balanced prices instead of gifts and “speed dates for job interviews”

There will also be no small gifts such as pens. Instead, students can win prizes in a variety of games. According to Schrenk, prizes ranging from € 100 to € 800 were made available by companies. “On the one hand, it was important for us to give students something permanent to take with them,” he says. “On the other hand, games are also about releasing tension and just having a good time.” I also cordially invite parents to the party – “after all, they also have their worries and thoughts, especially since a lot has changed in the professional field since then,” says Boog.

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If you have specific questions or would like to inquire about an internship, you can also arrange a speed dating appointment with a company of your choice. “It’s quite possible that someone will go home with an invitation to an interview or an internship,” says Schrenk.

Twelve companies are presented

Various school bands provide background music; Food trucks provide the necessary supplies. In total, twelve companies and representatives from Villingen-Schwenningen and the surrounding area were invited: Federal Police, Continental Automotive, Cordula Schwarzwalder funeral home, Fürstenberg Brewery, Späth Garden Design, Haller Industriebau, Lidl, Orthopedic Vital Center, Der Öschberghof – Golf, Events & Spa, Economics of the Baden-Württemberg school, Frank Schwarzwalder – interior carpentry design, Straub and VividaBKK packaging.

Info: Event #after school. Your Life. Your job.

The #afterschool event will take place on May 12 from 12:00 to 20:00 at the “Halle Das Kreativ- und Gründerzentrum”, Lichtensteinstraße 6, 78056 VS-Schwenningen. How to get there: The event can be reached by the ring railway (Hammerstadt stop, three-minute walk), city bus (line 12, Lichtensteinstraße stop, 1 minute walk) or by car. The video registration can be sent to afterschool@straub-Verpackungen.de via weTransfer, but is not required.

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