Bayernlig’s magic foot in class A: Salemovic is cool


His opponents were called TSV 1860 Munich and FC Bayern II (with Memmingen in the regional league) or SV Pullach (with TSV Landsberg in the Bayern league). Now he is against Finning, Schwabhausen or, as recently, against Breitbrunn (5-2 against 1-0). The noble technician Muriz Salemovic (33) played in the second TSV team in class A from the second half of the season.

Landsberg – And all experts agree that a midfielder with experience from over 200 Bayern regional and league matches and his “deadly passes” would do well for Bayern in recent weeks. Interview with a native Montenegrin who lives with his wife Jasmin and daughter Alida (1.5 years) in Fuchstal.

FuPa: Is it fun to play in class A?

Salemovic: “Very clear yes. This is not a completely new experience for me – I have played in everything from C-Class to the regional league. A few years ago I was in the second team in Landsberg – four games, four goals. And it’s just fun to be a player again and look at yourself. I’m also a joker – but as a player-coach it’s a bit difficult … “

FuPa: You are actually over-qualified for A-class or district-class.

Salemovic: “Yes. I’m still very ambitious, but I don’t have to prove anything to anyone anymore. At the moment, other things are just more important. “

FuPa: Which one?

Salemovic: “Family. There is much to be done in the near future. We are going and the second child will be born in the fall. “

FuPa: A question that is being asked time and time again: How exactly did your voluntary withdrawal come about? This surprised many, because in 2021 you were still a sports director and in the preliminary round you were the coach-player of the first team.

Salemovic: “I would still be if it had worked out. But I have never really been a fan of player-manager solutions. I approached the club in December because I wanted to do a little less. This request was initially denied. As I was often absent for various reasons, Mike Hutterer did 90 percent of the winter preparations at the time. He also wanted to bring more responsibility and his own ideas. In the end, the club fulfilled both of our wishes and paved the way for Mike – as the best solution for TSV, I am convinced of it.

FuPa: So there has been an argument with some players for whom your training was too hard and your speech was too direct?

Salemovic: “No. I still keep in touch with most of the guys. “

FuPa: Teams are reassembling everywhere right now – and the rumor mill is spinning. Apparently they have already signed a contract with Türkspor Augsburg …

Salemovic: “It’s always the same – apparently I’ve already signed contracts with six clubs. It makes no sense to talk about it. My heart is in Landsberg and I have seen in Pipnsried that I don’t want trouble and driving anymore. I also feel very comfortable with the people currently responsible for TSV
right. Here I would like to make it quite clear that working with the main sponsor of 3C, a very important factor for Landsberg and the main club, is just great. So many positive things have happened here in recent years. “

FuPa: What’s all?

Salemovic: “When I arrived in 2008, Landsberg was playing for 50 fans at the old sports center. The club was located in the Oberliga district and had no youth teams. During the break, the players made their own sausages. Now we are based in Bayernliga, we play at the new sports park, we have an average of 400 spectators and excellent work with youth D and C in the county higher league and we are together with the Kaufering DFB base. What happened here is remarkable. Overall, we are on the right track. “

FuPa: You want to continue this way – how do you see your personal future at TSV Landsberg?

Salemovic: “I will take on some tasks in the youth field and train the youth team in the future. There will be a whole series of very good juniors over the next few years. I would like to prepare them for the men’s zone. The goal is very clear to bring players from our youth to the first team. I will also be a youth coordinator, i.e. a liaison between the youth A and the men’s divisions. I really want the boys to be better. I will also play the second one to raise them. I am convinced that we will be promoted this year, that I will make a fourth ascent here. We need to move upwards to create a sound foundation for the first team and to offer young players who cannot play in Bayernliga a perspective in the men’s league.

FuPa: And how is the latter – you can’t achieve goals like a district league or even a district league with you?

Salemovic: “Marko Braovac and Alex Buschel are doing an excellent job in this field. You have made a great team with coaches and there are always 25 men training. There will be more reinforcements for sure. “

FuPa: You actually wanted to “step down” temporarily. Is returning to Bayernliga still a problem for you?

Salemovic: “Not at the moment. After playing a few games as a player, I found that I had a lot of fun playing the second game. In any case, I want to play for a few more years – in any league. But I don’t want to exclude anything … “

FuPa: Thanks to the involvement of former Bundesliga professional Sascha Mölders as football coach, along with Mike Hutterer, TSV has just put an exclamation point towards the regional league. Can the promotion take effect in the new season?

Salemovic: “Yes, I think so – even though promotion is always extremely difficult, as you have seen this season. Not only because there are also second teams, such as Regensburg and Ingolstadt, that train under professional conditions. But I see a positive development for us and Sascha also has a lot of experience and a killer instinct in front of the goal. We’ve been missing this clip for a year. “

FuPa: Your forecast for 2022/23?

Salemovic: “Landsberg will surely be one of the best teams in the league.”

Interview: Thomas Ernstberger

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