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Bernau / Barnim: Yesterday, Tuesday morning, a new pedestrian and bicycle path along the Zepernicker Chaussee was launched in the most beautiful cycling weather.

As reported by the city of Bernau, it runs on the side leading to the city from Angarastrasse to Karl-Marx-Strasse. The still missing short distance to Weißenseer Straße at the gas boiler level will be completed with the completion of the city hotel.

The newly created path, which can be used both by bike and on foot, then stretches for about 1.8 kilometers. However, there are two exceptions: between Angarastrasse and Lenastrasse, the path is designated as a 1.50 meter wide clear sidewalk. The area in front of the Bernau Forum is also intended for pedestrians only, due to the bus stop there and the heavy traffic of Forum visitors. However, on the remaining 1.5 kilometers, for a width of 2.50 meters, the following applies: “The path – free for cyclists”. “Our goal is to make Bernau more cyclist-friendly with every kilometer of the cycle path,” says Jürgen Jankowiak, head of the construction department.


Cyclists will have easier progress on the L314 than before, but due to the unique stretches, more attention is still required. “A simpler solution could not be found due to the construction and road conditions and some property problems,” says Jens Kulecki, who had to solve a gigantic puzzle during the construction period of more than one year.

The individual activities carried out were appropriately numerous and varied: the power lines under the path were renewed or adapted, modern sidewalk lighting was installed, two bus stops were redesigned to be barrier-free, new trees were planted, various access roads to the property were created, or an adapted road in the area from Blumenhag road junctions and on the website of the company “Weber Motor”, the traffic lights at Blumenhag primary school have been updated to the latest technical standard and the signage has also been changed to reflect the new cycle of bicycle traffic.

In total, AS + BE, Asphalt- und Betonstrassenbau GmbH, Berlin, laid around 3,300 m³ of concrete pavement (about half a football field on the surface). Asphalta GmbH in Eberswalde was responsible for planning, and the ISD office in Bernau was responsible for construction supervision. The city has invested around 1.5 million euros in planning and building the project.

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AG bike friendly community: Bernau joins

The measure fits well with the promotion of cycling in Bernau. A visible expression of this is Bernau’s new membership of the “Bicycle Group of Bicycle-Friendly Municipalities”, an association of cities and municipalities that want to further develop cycling at various levels. In the background, different concepts (bicycle concept, integrated urban development concept and 2030 mobility concept) need to be coordinated in Bernau. In practice, this means, for example, the creation of rest areas on long-distance cycle paths or e-bike charging infrastructure, but also simple things such as “smart” lighting on bicycle paths tailored to the requirements, lowered curbs at point intersections or newly installed bicycle stands. But public cycling campaigns also aim to further promote cycling, such as the ‘Blink in the Dark’ campaign on road safety, yoga cycling tours with tourism and health aspects or city cycling, municipal bike competition in Europe .

It is currently held in Bernau. Cycling enthusiasts can take part in the three-week campaign until May 21 – registration is still possible at Just before reaching halftime, the Bernau speedometer is now around 44,000 kilometers. Longer distances can now also be covered on the new path and cycle path.

Information from the city of Bernau near Berlin. * Description of the photo: Cover photo – Construction Office Manager Simone Rochow and Benedikt Kniehl, Sports Officer of the City of Bernau, are testing a new pavement and cycle path.

Featured photo – Satisfied with the construction result: Marek Breternitz (State Roads Authority), Sven Schöttler (Schöttler & Dietrich Engineering Office), Marco Schattschneider, (AS + BE GmbH), Knut Albrecht (State Roads Authority), Simone Rochow (Head of the Construction Office ), Thomas Philipp and Andy Oderbach (both AS + BE GmbH) are officially paving the way.

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