Big Pharma’s human trials in Argentina

3D animation of rabies virus. Photo: Animacja scientific / CC BY-SA-4.0

Nowhere in the world is virus research controlled by an international authority. New (semi-banned) film by Gaby Weber

Experts such as the Cambridge Working Group have long called for an international authority to scrutinize virus research to place a highly dangerous method of gaining a function under international scrutiny. The situation is particularly dramatic in the Southern Hemisphere as these countries are mostly hopelessly indebted and are therefore at the mercy of international pharmaceutical companies that like to test their new active ingredients there. And the World Health Organization (WHO) played together.

Case study Argentina: In 1986, the Wistar Institute, based in Philadelphia (USA), wanted to develop a vaccine against rabies in cattle. Funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, it genetically linked the pox virus with the rabies virus. The WHO subsidiary, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), smuggled the virus into Azul in the southern province of Buenos Aires without informing the Argentine government. The vet dr. Oscar Bruni has just become head of the national biosafety agency, SENASA:

PAHO has two research centers in Latin America: one that still exists for foot-and-mouth disease control in Rio de Janeiro and the Pan American Zoonosis Center Cepanzo. PAHO appointed the American director in Cepanzo, John Held, who brought the virus to Argentina in a diplomatic case. “

PAHO tested this pox and rabies virus in field trials on unknowing dairy cows and milkers. Farm workers were unvaccinated, their children drank milk against smallpox and rabies, the rest were pasteurized and sold in Azul. Scientists wanted to find out if uninfected cows produced anti-rabies antibodies from milkers, martens and foxes.

But some things have emerged. The Argentine student who was doing an internship at the Wistar Institute informed his professors at La Plata. Dr. Bruni:

We seized the facility and filed a criminal complaint with a federal judge in Azul. They put stones on all sides, the US agricultural attaché came to see me.

The experiment was “successful” and the control animals and the milking machines received the antibodies. Dr. Bruni:

The secret protocol of the experiment stated that the milkers were not vaccinated against rabies or smallpox and were not allowed to wear gloves. Why? They milked vaccinated and unvaccinated animals with wounds and calluses. It worked: the virus passed from vaccinated animals to milkers and from there to control. ‘

Another example is the human study by Glaxo Smith Kline in poor northwest Argentina to develop a vaccine against childhood pneumonia. Babies and young children were injected with the new active ingredient in public hospitals without their parents knowing. 14 children died.

Feprosa’s union filed a complaint on behalf of the parents. But Glaxo Smith Kline escaped with a small fine and didn’t even appeal to the Supreme Court.

The union has been demanding legislation to regulate such processes for many years. So far unsuccessful, says Feprosa’s secretary Jorge Jabkovski:

Our Bioethics Act was intended to create an independent national body to oversee research related to the Helsinki Accord. The most important point is that you cannot try anything on the population that will not benefit them. Because there are experiments in the Third World that benefit the First.

The bill was ready for vote more than ten years ago. Cristina Kirchner was in the second term of office and the chances were good – recalls the unionist:

Near her, Senator Chaco wrote the law. But this was never discussed in the Health Committee, on the orders of the then health minister, González García, who is close to the laboratories and opposes any checks. Some key officials in the current government, such as the health minister of the province of Buenos Aires, who previously worked for the Anmat control agency and backed the proposed bill, did not reinstate it after moving to the ministry. There is no serious project today in the Argentinean parliament to create an independent oversight body. ‘

In 2020, Pfizer and Moderna were looking for people to test for their genetic factors against Covid. The Argentine government offered its services and examined over 4,000 Argentineans in a military hospital.

The big money managers in the US – led by Blackrock – own Pfizer and Moderna. And it was Blackrock who negotiated foreign private debt with the Argentine government.

Shortly thereafter, these vaccines were provisionally approved, but the Argentines were at the end of the supply line. The tests did not bring any benefit to the country, and both the contracts and the details of the experiments are kept secret. Jabkowski:

When the experiments began, we asked the deputy secretary of health who and how these studies were controlled. We wanted logs and security copies. Healthcare workers are at the forefront of the fight against Covid. We never got access to documents, even though all health associations asked for it. “

What is happening in a vast and sparsely populated country can only be guessed at. The unreported number of irregular human experiments is likely to be huge. WHO never wanted to change anything about it. Contrary. Its sub-organization, PAHO, had secretly smuggled the smallpox and rabies virus into the country and tested it in open field trials on ignorant farm workers.

Are highly dangerous function amplification tests underway in Argentina? Neither Jabkovski nor Bruni can answer this question. There are no controls. Theoretically, it would be possible. Could an international supervisory authority improve the situation? The unionist is skeptical. You need police permissions:

It would be good and important to create an independent body. But how long will it be before corporations take over this new body? I remember the bird flu vaccine disaster. WHO policymakers needlessly set alert level 6. Tens of millions of vaccines have been produced and eventually destroyed. A huge victory for Big Pharma ”.

Dr. Bruni:

It would have to be an institution like the Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, operated by different countries, that would control virus research through audits, as they do here in the field of food safety. If official bodies such as PAHO introduced an artificially produced virus into our country as early as 1986, today such a virus can come from anywhere. ”

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