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Status: May 11, 2022 3:54 PM

State election: SPD district unions are looking for causes of bad results

After the SPD’s historically weak results in the state elections, the process is coming to an end – including in the district associations. Disappointment with the SPD district union in Kiel is particularly high: the party lost all three direct seats in the state capital on Sunday. “We are still terrified,” says district president Gesine Stück. According to her, there could also be errors in the election campaign: for example, it was not clear whether the social media strategy worked. The mood on the SPD board in Plön is no better: “The party in Plön County has been shaken,” says district vice president Inken Kuhn of Laboe. SPD Rendsburg-Eckernförde co-chairman Christian Netz describes the mood as “bewildered”. According to him, it is clear that the national leader Serpil Midyatli will remain in his post, everything else will be discussed only outside the party. | Date of issue of NDR Schleswig-Holstein May 11, 2022 4.30 PM

Kit’s strike continues

The warning strike in nurseries will be extended from Thursday: In addition to Kiel and the district of Plön, workers at the plants in Neumünster and in the district of Rendsburg-Eckernförde will stop working. This was announced by the ver.di union. According to unions, 400 employees of municipal social and educational services have already participated in Wednesday’s warning strike. Ver.di and the Education and Science Association are demanding more money and better working conditions for workers. | Date of issue of NDR Schleswig-Holstein May 11, 2022 4.30 PM

Important visit from Latvia to Kiel

The President of the Republic of Latvia, Egils Levits, was a guest in Kiel on Wednesday. First he visited the state parliament, then the 66-year-old was awarded the rule of law award at the university. It is awarded for the first time by a legal society. | Date of issue of NDR Schleswig-Holstein May 11, 2022 4.30 PM

Meeting of the G7 foreign ministers – effects also in the Plön district

The meeting of the G7 foreign ministers will begin on Thursday at Weissenhaus Castle in eastern Holstein. Safety measures also affect residents and commuters in the Plön district. That’s what the security authorities said. The federal police will ensure the safety of several ships in Hohwacht Bay. Recreational captains are forbidden in the coming days, for example from Hohwachter Hafen towards Weißenhaus (Ostholstein district). A water blocking area has been created there with a radius of 2.5 km around the site. In addition, one or the other security helicopter will circulate over the Hohwacht / Lütjenburg area (Ploen district). Plön County also announced that hunting within ten kilometers around the site is prohibited from today. The B202 between Döhnsdorf and Farve is closed to drivers from Thursday to Saturday. | Date of issue of NDR Schleswig-Holstein 05/11/2022 08:30

Algae at Holstenfleet in Kiel

The Holsten-Fleet in Kiel is considered to be the flagship of Kiel’s new city center. Now, for the first time, the water in the nearly 200-meter-long watercourse is not as clear as initially expected: despite modern technology, the city says thread algae have formed, which apparently come from little Kiel. Due to the good weather, they multiplied quickly, city spokeswoman Kerstin Graupner said. Green space office employees will be removing algae in the coming days. “However, this type of algae is harmless and is a purely visual problem. They are now being fished and we hope to be able to solve this problem permanently. ” | Date of issue of NDR Schleswig-Holstein 05/11/2022 08:30

City nurseries are on strike in the region

Trade union ver.di has called for warning strikes in city nurseries and social services on Wednesday and in the coming days. Above all, facilities in Kiel and the Plön district are affected. According to ver.di, many kindergartens there are fully or partially closed. According to the trade union ver.di, about 400 employees of the municipal social and educational service took part in the warning strike. Work was suspended not only in municipal community centers, but also in school care and social services. Further warning strikes are planned for Thursday, incl. in Neumünster and the Rendsburg-Eckernförde district. | Date of issue of NDR Schleswig-Holstein 05/11/2022 08:30

Corona regional update

Krone incidence in the region (as of May 10): According to the state registration office, there is a seven-day incidence of 827.6 in the Rendsburg-Eckernförde district. In the district of Plön the value is 710.5, in Kiel it is 699.9 and in Neumünster it is 683.3. The nationwide incidence is 751.3. | Date of issue of NDR Schleswig-Holstein 05/11/2022 08:30

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