Kleve and Emmerich: The charity run keeps cities moving

HomeRun will also start in Kleve from August 31 to September 10. He’s already been successful at Emmerich. Now everyone is taking part in a good cause.

Simon Berntsen, Jörg Bujar and Sascha Tück probably wouldn’t have dreamed of it having started a successful event with their “crazy idea” two years ago. Three people from Emmerich, who meet regularly to run, launched the HomeRun charity run in their hometown – supported by many enthusiastic people – which last year allowed nearly 5,000 runners to start for € 108,000 for a community cause. Under the slogan “HomeRun approaching the left bank of the Rhine” will also start in Kleve, Bedburg-Hau and Kalkar from August 31 to September 10.

“You are active for your health and you are doing something good”

In addition to the Rotary Clubs Emmerich-Rees and Kleve, Emmerich for Economic Development and Marketing of the City (WfG) and the City of Economy, Tourism and Marketing of Kleve GmbH are also involved in the organization.

“We were very excited about the Emmerich HomeRun idea,” says Dr. Christoph Baumsteiger for Klever Rotarians, “who made so many citizens move in 2021 that we wanted here too.” He believes the concept of a charity run is worth emulating from a medical point of view, says the neuroscientist. “You are active for your health and doing something good.” Incidentally, the project is also regional in nature, which gives participants a sense of community.

One day maybe an idea for the whole county

You want to use the experience of the Emmerich organizers – emphasized Wilfried Röth for the Klever organizational team. “We were and are proud to be part of this team,” emphasized Sara Kreipe of WfG Emmerich. Emmerich Mayor Peter Hintze said with a smile that he was pleased that HomeRun “made in Emmerich” was so successful. “Watching the glowing joggers’ shirts in the city for eleven days was great fun and created a great spirit,” he recalls. “It has been a great campaign for socializing, and it may one day become a district-wide idea.” This spirit was really tangible, emphasizes Sascha Tück. “People were proud to be there – some were every day.”

The planners were open to the mayor of Kleve, Wolfgang Gebing (both mayors are patrons). “We are very confident that the event will also run well beyond the Rhine,” he said.

“HomeRun basically works like a perpetual motion machine”

“Basically, HomeRun works like a perpetual motion machine,” said Stefan Reichmann, president of Rotary Club Emmerich-Rees: Running releases energy, generates donations that can then set something in motion. In addition to the idea of ​​charity, he enjoys more contacts across the Rhine, added future Rotary Club Kleve president Johannes Hövelmann.

The effort involved in handling such an event is enormous. Two business development agencies contribute their expertise to this, Rotarians take over the organizational tasks as well as acquiring sponsors and donors. All activities are collected and communicated on the home page created in Emmerich and further developed for Kleve by the co-organizer Janusz Grünspek. All sponsors and supporters are also there. Updated opinions are always available on Instagram, says Simon Berntsen.

There are no losers. Donations for children, adolescents and the socially disadvantaged

“Everyone will benefit from this project,” believes Jörg Bujar. There are no losers. And anyone who wants to can take part. As target groups, the organizers mention companies and administrations, schools and kindergartens, clubs, districts or groups of friends.

The great financial success of the project, according to Bujar, stems from the idea that the donations collected in schools for the kilometers traveled should be increased by the same bonus and intended for a good cause. HomeRun aims to support children, adolescents and socially disadvantaged people. Smaller events are planned over the eleven days of the campaign. Among other things, there should be a 24-hour run at the Emmerich Stadium together with Kleve. Incidentally, this year they are running under the title “No Limit”.

Registration for HomeRun is possible this month at www.homerun-spenderlauf.de. You will also find further information there.

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