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Westerwald district.
Westerwald companies are experiencing significant changes in material procurement, warehousing and price developments. Under the heading “Price rises and supply bottlenecks – consequences for Wäller’s economy”, parliamentary group leader Stephan Krempel welcomed Richard Hover, Managing Director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Richard Hover, Managing Director Christian Huf of HUF-Haus Hartenfels, and Steffi Klöckner of the distillery Birkenhof in Nistertal in his online discussion series “Impulse Digital” and the head of the Sparkasse, Dr. A victory for Andreas Reingen in Sparkasse Westerwald.

“Nothing is currently occupying our companies as much as price explosions and supply problems,” emphasized the leader of the CDU parliamentary group, Dr. Stephan Krempel at the beginning of the current situation. This could lead to existential risks for companies that hit the bottom with properly priced, but also to significant additional burdens for the end consumer. How are the Westerwald companies dealing with a situation that has not existed for decades?

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Steffi Klöckner from the Birkenhof distillery in Nistertal informed about a significant increase in prices in the purchase of raw materials (fruit, grain). Fortunately, the company was able to provide the necessary purchases of glass and cardboard materials for the annual demand. Expect energy costs to rise significantly. The advantage of the manufactured products is that they are sustainable food. However, the effective corporate strategy of recent years must be put to the test in the changed conditions.

IHK Managing Director Richard Hover has the impression that cost increases can only be passed on to a limited extent at present. It works to foster understanding for companies facing delivery problems and even production constraints due to missing parts. For companies, “a calm and reliable economic policy” is important.

Managing Director Christian Huf from HUF-Haus Hartenfels stated that purchasing materials has become much more difficult over the past two years. The supply relations that have been cultivated for a long time are now proving to be beneficial, and above all the cooperation between the Westerwald companies and the mutual understanding of the challenges they face. The current situation is a big challenge for HUF-Haus, as traditionally meeting delivery times is very important.

The head of the savings bank, Dr. Andreas Reingen Sparkasse Westerwald Sieg found that when assessing the economic situation of individual companies, the subject of purchasing and warehousing regained greater importance. However, he was optimistic that the economy would cope well with the observed price increases. Precautions should be taken when supply chains are overloaded. However, he warned against the “GDR effect” in which supposedly rare products are “stockpiled” that will later even be used for barter transactions. Reingen was a cautious optimist about economic development, although earlier expectations would have to be reduced.

Wäller is well connected

Deputy chairman of the CDU district and district councilor Dr. Andreas Nick sees the need to say goodbye to existing business models (direct delivery, lowest prices) that have already caused difficulties during the corona pandemic. The networks of regional companies are of great value, especially in crisis situations. It also has the impression that companies are increasingly reluctant to undertake new investments.

Savings bank boss Reingen explained this reluctance to make new investments, among other things, with rising prices and uncertainty in supply chains and the backlog of orders. Richard Hover also explains the uncertainty of companies by the persistent shortage of skilled workers. “Manufacturing plants must be operated by skilled workers.” Currently, Reingen explained that two factors may be responsible for the increase in prices: a much higher rate of inflation and an increase in prices due to reduced offers.

Overall, interviewees were confident in their assessment of further economic development in the Westerwald. In many cases, you can rely on well-known structures and long-term partners. Community and mutual respect are what counts.

The leader of the CDU faction, Dr. Finally, Stephan Krempel thanked the audience for an interesting and exciting evening. “Businesses and consumers will continue to face major challenges in the coming months. The CDU district parliamentary group will do whatever it takes to remain a reliable partner for Wäller’s companies in local politics.

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