“Ninja Warrior Germany – Allstars”: “You are a strange family but you are funny!”

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Jan Köppen and Frank Buschmann seem to have found each other. Over the years at least, they have become the hallmark of “Ninja Warrior Germany” with their gags and nonsense. In the fourth play-off of the Allstars variant, another group stole the show on Sunday night.

Christian Vock.

Wum and Wendelin. Lolek and Bolek, Doug and Carrie, Bibi and Tina, Mulder and Scully, Laurel and Hardy, Leonard and Penny, Marge and Homer, Netzer and Delling – there are many couples in the history of television who have stuck in the shared memories of viewers made. Jan Köppen and Frank Buschmann are also a television couple, but both are still working on their collective memory status.

For several years, just like on Sunday evening, they have been working together on “Ninja Warrior Germany” and here they fulfill their roles. Köppen, Hallodri and Buschmann, a renowned veteran of moderation who calls the “young” to reason. Buschmann himself was once a hallodri – at least in the once sluggish phraseology of sports commentary, he added a breath of fresh air in a new language.

Buschmann’s linguistic wind is not so fresh anymore, but what’s left is the vigor and enthusiasm that he throws into every event he comments on. And so he is now standing with Köppen at the commentator’s booth and supporting RTL’s “Ninjom” throughout the course and encouraging him with a few more, sometimes less thoughtful programs.

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“Ninja Warrior Germany – Allstars”: 4 out of 32 in the final

For example, Buschmann chuckles in front of the viewer on a Sunday night, while Köppen runs back and forth after him and makes his fools. Buschmann is sure of his colleague: “He is sick.” Yes, even if the two do not yet have TV legend status and maybe never will, they found their thing, as “Ninja Warrior Germany – Allstars” additionally sealed in addition to the artistic achievements of the contestants.

For all those who are not or yet are not ninja – this is what the series is about: Two “Ninja Warriors” fight each other on an obstacle course of poles, swings and walls. Whoever is faster or lasts longer than the opponent wins. There are five preliminary rounds, each ending in three rounds. At the end of the four top performers in each Play-In Round, they advance to the Final Show. There, the winner can win € 50,000.

In the fourth qualifying round on Sunday night, 32 new candidates will face again, this time including René Casselly, Simon Brunner, Jonas Marqua, David Wolf, Chris Harmat, Dominique Karlin, Giovanni Ertl, Kevin Meyer, Siegfried, Rene and Roy Sperlich, Justin Rodney, David Wollschläger, Richard Pech, Pascal Siffert and Jescher Heidl.

“It’s just a top-notch ninja sport”

It begins with a duel between Simon Brunner and Dominique Karlin. First, they both walk through the pillars through a pool of water. They then have to overcome the second water obstacle with the swing spoke and pendulum trunk before having to turn and jump over the water number three on small wheels. Now the path leads through freely swinging giant spheres to the next high-hanging device before candidates have to climb a far too high wall on their way to the buzzer.

The two are going like hell as well, and not only are they incredibly fast most of the distance, they’re also on the level. However, while climbing high, Brunner loses the ring he needs to continue climbing and the 24-year-old falls into the pool. On the other hand, Karlin not only rushes forward without feeling, but is even impressive, completing the course in a fabulous 29.58 seconds. “He has really good cards at 5,000 euros for the best time in the first lap,” said Buschmann cheerfully.

“What a start to this evening – soooo sweet!” Buschmann can’t bring himself to say it anymore, so this time Köppen has to play a serious moderator when he is interviewing winner Karlin. “It’s just a top-notch ninja sport we see here, and we still have some absolute, sorry to say, monsters here on today’s show,” Buschmann continues to say in euphoria. But even if it is not difficult to reach for the top shelf in ninja sports, there are not so many shelves here, which should not detract from the performance of athletes or Buschmann’s enthusiasm. They both belong together.

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“Ninja Warrior Germany – Allstars”: Sperlich’s hat-trick in the first round

And otherwise? Plus, Frank Buschmann was absolutely right with his judgment, because in reality no one can match Dominique Karlin’s record time of € 5,000 – noteworthy. The Sperlich family is also extraordinary. Because here, with Siegfried, Rene and Roy, three brothers compete and move to the second round with the full strength of the family. Frank Buschmann thinks it’s so good that he gives the trio a kind of compliment: “You’re a strange family, but you’re funny!”

All three are actually fun, but only two of them will have fun. Because only brothers Siegfried and Rene reach the Power Tower in the third round, a huge scaffold tower through which and around which competitors have to climb and swing. However, six other ‘ninja’ also made it to the final, and these are the Power Tower duels: Siegfried Sperlich vs Dominique Karlin, Rene Sperlich vs Georgi Damyanov, Stefan Angermeier vs Leonardo Calderón and René Casselly vs Giovanni Ertel.

As in the previous round, the Power Tower is the end of the line for one of the Sperlich Brothers. Siegfried has little to do with Dominique Karlin’s climbing abilities. On the other hand, his brother Rene wins his match, so now it’s up to him to represent the family in the final show. Or, as Buschmann put it: “There’s not much in the final!” There he takes his colleagues Leonardo Caledróna, Dominique Karlin and René Casselly with him.

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A prize pool of at least 50,000 euros has long been unknown in “Battle of the Reality Stars”. “A few days without madness” feels like a much higher good on a nightmare beach. Unfortunately: RTLZwei is doing everything possible to make as many “stars” of madness as possible become a fat prey.

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