School project: Learning together and having fun in a sense of the climate

A sustainable climate and model region Saalachtal organized a school project that lasted two years due to the pandemic. The last event was recently held at HBLW Saalfelden.

SAALFELDEN. As part of the school’s climate activities 2020 to 2022, which was attended by third-graders from the communication and media design industry of HBLW Saalfelden and two primary schools in Dienten and Viehofen, a final event was recently held.

Viehofen Primary School also prepared two songs, incl

A school project for the sake of the climate

This school project was organized by the Saalachtal Climate and Model Region (KEM). Within the framework of this project, various excursions and activities were conducted on the topics of climate, sustainable development, renewable energy and much more.

As part of the project, many trips and workshops were carried out

In the last two years, the schools, together with Alois Schläffer (KEM head) and Lisa Kößlbacher (KEM employee), have completed:

  • A trip to the high mountain reservoirs of Kaprun under the slogan “How can we generate electricity in a sustainable way?” (all schools attended)
  • Grow your own potatoes, then harvest them in the fall and eat them together under the slogan “How is the food regionally produced?” (VS Dienten attended)
  • A trip to the CHP plant under the slogan “What are the possibilities of producing space heating in a climate-friendly way?” (both primary schools participated)
  • A herbal hike under the slogan “What herbs grow in our meadow?” (both primary schools participated)
  • Solar crafts under the slogan “Use the energy of the sun” (both primary schools)
  • Workshops on climate communication under the slogan “How to best communicate the climate crisis?” (HBLW participated)
  • Shepherds tour under the slogan “Feel the effects of global warming with your own eyes” (HBLW participated in it)
  • Cocoa workshops under the slogan “What is chocolate made of and what do children in Africa and Latin America have to do with it?” (VS Dienten attended)
The story ended with garbage collection and explanations of how we can reduce garbage.

Meeting of all HBLW Saalfelden participants

At the closing party, everyone at HBLW met in Saalfelden. At the beginning, director Petra Schlechter welcomed everyone present and wished them a lot of fun while searching for the treasures.

Primary school students listened carefully to what had to be done at each station.

The song started

VS Dienten prepared a song about the climate, and then we heard a short story about pollution on our planet.

Are you trying to reduce waste in your daily life?

The story was told to those present

The story was about a marmot who found a pile of rubbish in front of the front door. School children explained to the climber how to reduce waste in their daily lives.

The 3rd graders also took care of the culinary well-being of the guests.

A world hit was made

VS Viehofen prepared two songs – in one, the students explained how our climate is changing, and above all why. Secondly, they sang the world hit “We are the world”.

The older ones supported the youngest

After the performances, the children were divided into small groups and each of them received a HBLW student mentor.

Tasks had to be solved throughout the school building

There were ten stations throughout the school building, at which primary school students had to solve various tasks – for each correctly solved task there was a letter.

The closing ceremony of the KEM school project was held at HBLW Saalfelden.

The word solution contributed to the win

At the end of the station’s operation, the word “junior high school” should appear. Inside was a treasure chest with lots of surprises. The first group to find the solution may have selected something from the treasure chest.

The event was realized as a “Green Event”.

The culinary attraction of “Green Event” were the culinary culinary attractions of “Zielona Event” from the third classes of the five-year-old HBLW. Food for primary school students as well as their teachers and principals was held under the slogan “Pirate strong and healthy snack”.

Primary school in Dienten brought a song about the vibe.

The delicacies were conjured up from regional products

All the food used was sourced from regional suppliers – from seasonal vegetables and fruits from the organic farm Stechaubauer in Lenzing, to dairy products from “Mei Muich” from Zieferhof in Leogang and cheese from the farmer Sinnlehen, also from Leogang, to Fairtrade chocolate from Saalfeldner Weltladen .

In the kitchen, 3-year-olds prepared culinary delights for the break.

Primary school students enjoyed the culinary diversity

The students themselves collected herbs in the school garden. Primary school students were very enthusiastic about the offer and could not hide their joy from the delicacies: “The food is delicious, we would like to try everything”.

A winning treasure hunt group,

Captain Hook won the treasure hunt

In addition to eating, the children focused on finding treasures – the “Captain Hook” group from the Viehofen primary school won along with group leader Maximilian Strasser from HBLW Saalfelden.

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