Spongy fun for the whole family

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Spongy fun for the whole family


Spongy fun for the whole family

schauinsland-reisen offers a colorful program for children with “Mini-Helden Welt” in the Muddy Angel R

Duisburg, May 10, 2022 – Only a few more days before Sportpark Duisburg turns back into an area full of water depressions and mud pools – the “Schauinsland Muddy Angel Run” returns to Duisburg on Saturday. Around the running event, in which only women can take part, especially children, this time should have a good time among the spectators. You can expect a “Mini-Hero World” from schauinsland-reisen.

When 7,500 women take part in the inaugural event of the “Schauinsland Muddy Angel Run” at Sportpark Duisburg on Saturday, viewers should also have a good time. A special attraction awaits the children in particular: all visitors between the ages of three and twelve can go on a discovery tour with a parent or guardian through the “world of mini heroes” from schauinsland-reisen. “While the participants work their way through the mud, the children should also have fun and have fun,” says Andreas Rüttgers, tourism manager at schauinsland-reisen. For example, you can take part in exciting skill games, play crafts, paint your face, and read stories aloud. There will also be a bicycle course in the “Mini Hero World”, where children will be able to practice motor skills on bicycles. “This way, mothers can fully concentrate on the run while the children go to care for their children with their fathers or grandparents,” says Rüttgers.

After Saturday’s Mud Angels run, the day after the Xletix Kids Run in Sportpark Duisburg will also open the “Mini-Helden Welt” from schauinsland-reisen. Even then, children from among spectators who do not take part in the event themselves can take advantage of the various offers of the “Mini Hero World” for free.

Schauinsland-reisen is planning many other campaigns under the title “Mini Heroes”. “This year we will always brighten the eyes of children because, after many restrictions in the last two years, children just deserve to finally play again,” emphasizes Rüttgers. Various activities should also be a foretaste of the next family vacation. “Many of our hotel partners offer a 100% discount to mini heroes. Thanks to various activities in the holiday countries, we also ensure that the children have a particularly good time there, while parents can relax and recharge their batteries, ”says Schauinsland-reisen Tourism Manager.

Information on “Schauinsland Muddy Angel Run”:

The Schauinsland Muddy Angel Run is Europe’s largest obstacle course for women. Teams take a five kilometer run with fun team obstacles and lots of mud. The event will take place in a total of 12 cities in the coming months. The series of events will start this Saturday at Sportpark Duisburg. In addition to having fun and sports, the goal is also to collect donations to fight breast cancer. Schauinsland-reisen has been the partner and namesake of the event since 2019. Tickets for the start of Muddy Angel in Duisburg are sold out, but viewers are welcome. Tickets for other events are available here.

Information about the “Mini Heroes” campaign series:

Behind the series of the “Mini Heroes” campaign is the idea of ​​an adventure trip for children, thanks to which not only holidays become an adventure. The travel agency schauinsland-reisen wants children to finally have fun again after the many restrictions of the last two years. In addition to games and fun, many of the planned activities also include sports and exercise. For example, schauinsland-reisen would like to ensure that families can play sports together. There will be other campaigns in which – just like on vacation – games and activities, summer music, cool drinks and palm trees are played. Part of the campaign series is “Mini-Hero World”, which will be set in all locations during the “Schauinsland Muddy Angel Run”, among others. There, children can playfully practice their motor skills with a variety of practical exercises and skills.

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