The rickshaw around Tittling: fun for seniors

We are pleased with the new offer of bicycles with rickshaw in Tittling (from left) Mayor Witzmannsberg Josef Schuh, head of the tourist office Anita Mittendorfer, mayor of Tittling Helmut Willmerdinger, senior representatives Irmgard Hain and Christine Weinberger-Loos, initiator Franz Reischl with companions - in her arms

We are pleased with the new offer of bikes with rickshaw in Tittling (from left) Mayor of Witzmannsberg Josef Schuh, manager of the tourist office Anita Mittendorfer, mayor of Tittling Helmut Willmerdinger, representatives of seniors Irmgard Hain and Christine Weinberger-Loos, initiator Franz Reischl with companions – in arms “To -Radler ”by Hans Wimmer and Josef Buchberger. –Pictures: Neumeier

Take your rickshaw around the retirement home on the bike path to the quarry, to Lake Rothauer or simply: Seniors from the municipalities of Tittling and Witzmannsberg (Passau district) can now take advantage of this offer. They owe it to Franz Reischl, who together with his “Do-Radlern” in a very short time made the idea of ​​a rickshaw for seniors a reality.

“It would be fun if the older people could go out a bit, maybe go to the lake or a new spot on the bike path, just diversify a bit and have fun.”

The rickshaw is run on a voluntary basis and is free of charge

This is how Franz Reischl describes his idea, which he put in the ear of his colleagues from the so-called Thursday cyclists. “Do-Radler” is a group of active “tenants” who meet every week to go on a bicycle trip together. Today, nearly 20 like-minded people meet each week by bike, mostly in the afternoon, but sometimes even in the morning for longer trips. “And of course, a cozy stop should not be missing,” says Franz Reischl with a smile.

And he found his ears open with his idea of ​​a bicycle rickshaw for seniors. “We are all retirees and we have time,” says the active organizer. And you would like to introduce this to offer older people a change, some fun and enjoyment, entirely on a voluntary basis, of course. “For many, it can be a little bit of freedom,” argues Franz Reischl. And then everything happened very quickly: now the bicycle rickshaw with a large battery is already in the garage provided by the municipality of Tittling. The municipality of Tittling is financing a vehicle that costs around 10,000 euros, with 5,000 euros and 2,000 euros from RSC Tittling, under whose management the project is under way, 2000 euros, subject to the approval of the city council, the municipality of Witzmannsberg and the tourist association Tittling.

And with Franz Reischl, Josef Buchberger and Hans Wimmer of Do-Radlern, the first pilots are ready to chauffe according to their individual wishes and offer them rest and rattles during their journey. The rickshaw itself is operated free of charge and on a voluntary basis, “of course we would be happy to make a small donation,” says Reischl. After all, you also have to pay for the maintenance and insurance of your vehicle.

Two senior representatives from Tittling and Witzmannsberg, Irmgard Hain and Christine Weinberger-Loos, were allowed to try the rickshaw and had a great time on their first little tour of the Tittlinger market. “You’re pretty quick there on the road,” they said later. Both suggested that the rickshaw would be shown at the next seniors’ meeting, “perhaps to overcome some inhibition among the elderly.”

Offer for less mobile citizens

A leaflet promoting the new project is also in preparation. The offer, which was quickly implemented, was also very well received by the two mayors of Tittling and Witzmannsberg. Helmut Willmerdinger: “When older people have fun, laugh, go out a little, it sure is a great enrichment.” Perhaps, in his words, the rickshaw could become an “independent runner” that could be used, for example, in the vast grounds of a Tittlinger retirement home. He always wished pilots and passengers accident-free journeys, and above all a lot of fun and joy in future journeys.

“It’s fantastic for me how it all went,” marveled Franz Reischl during the presentation of the rickshaw in front of the Tittling town hall. The rickshaw design idea has spread almost like a wildfire. “It almost happened by itself,” he praised many participants and thanked everyone who got involved. He was always convinced: only if they all help together, then something will happen. “Now I just hope the euphoria continues,” blinks the devoted Tittlinger.

Now the vehicle is being tested for accurate range, other pilots are being trained to operate the rickshaw – and many seniors are recruited to want the wind blowing on their noses as they travel with the new rickshaw.

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