This is how it was at Dua Lipa in Berlin: having fun at work

Winter morning in early 2020. After various postponements, I finally have Dua Lipa on the phone for a short phone call. The occasion is their upcoming album FUTURE NOSTALGIA and the related tour. When asked what to expect at summer concerts, she replies: “I want you to dance! From the first song and gladly on the way home. We really enjoy doing a show of songs right now. I work closely with my choreographer and we have fantastic dancers with us. As FUTURE NOSTALGIA is very 80s and disco inspired, it was clear from the start that there would be a lot of dance cutscenes.

A pandemic and over two years later I have to think about these words when the last chord of the Berlin concert died down. Dua Lipa kept his word. There was practically no stagnation on the stage from start to finish. And people are actually still dancing on their way out. This is also because the speakers say “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)”. During the chorus, the hall sings almost as loud as it does right before “Don’t Start Now.”

That’s why Dua Lipa is one of the greatest pop stars we have right now

After this concert night at the Mercedes Benz Arena, it’s clear what you already knew: Dua Lipa is one of the greatest pop stars we have right now. She has even managed to recover from an even bigger pandemic than before – although with FUTURE NOSTALGIA she released an album that from the first to the last song literally screams not only to be heard, but also to be danced and experienced live. But for all the obvious skills, Dua Lipa is also determined and goal-oriented. With Studio 2054, she has just launched one of the most successful streaming events of the Corona period and has reached approximately nine million people.

The concerts of the “Future Nostalgia” tour are excellent pop entertainment from start to finish. Even the intro is great: on-screen the dancers of the show are presented with short films in the style of “Miami Vice”. The opening piece is also the motto of the evening: “Let’s Get Physical”. Dua Lipa and her crew wear full-body aerobic suits, the live band is on the left side of the stage, four supporting singers on the right side, a long bridge leads to the audience, at the end of which is a smaller square stage.

The perfect show: Dua Lipa, here live in Manchester on the current tour

While Dua Lipa may be at the center of it all, her performance is a team effort: her diverse dance crew is everywhere around – the choreographies are varied and it is still unknown which is more exciting: the dance or the Dua Lipa who sings with a strong voice those oversized pop hits from recent years – which are also partly the work of the band, but are significantly written by her. In the song “Future Nostalgia” there are lines in the chorus: “No matter what you do, I’ll get it without you / I know you’re not used to female alpha”. Here you can see how much it fulfills this role. Everything dances to the tune, as my father would say.

Shows as a highly professional service

This professionalism is also interesting: you can also see that Dua Lipa treats such programs as a service. Many fans of other genres view it with disapproval. But while other arena rock bands perform silly simulations of authenticity and understatement on stage every night, Dua Lipa sees all the elements of his art as pop entertainment and fan service. does. And it has these fantastic pop songs that you wouldn’t be able to perform if you were an uninspired service provider.

In fact, with around 20 songs, there are hardly any failures: “New Rules”, which launched her career into new spheres, is still big. “Halucinate”, “Levitating”, “Break My Heart” are the hits that have gained a lot thanks to training with blockade, “Cold Heart”, in which Elton John appears on the screen, is one of the few withdrawn moments and therefore very touching despite playing Elton. With all of this, the audience is also in motion. When I look around, I see almost only beaming faces, except for a few press colleagues next to me who give up a concert fairly routinely. Right. But the rest of it celebrates it all immensely.

Dua Lipa’s songs are pop in their purest form: easily accessible, euphoric and basically irresistible. Maybe because Dua Lipa has good taste in his inspiration. In an interview at the time, she told me about role models for FUTURE NOSTALGIA: “In the run-up to this album, I listened to Moloko, Jamiroquai, Prince and Blondie. These were the artists my parents always listened to at home and who sparked my enthusiasm for pop music. “

Dua Lipa lives in London on May 2, 2022. Due to the professionalism of her performances, she wore the same costumes in Berlin

During the show, in addition to the obligatory “Berlin! How are you?” calls out hardly any longer ads. Except for one, which also gives interesting insight into her career and work ethic. Berlin always has a special place in her heart. Here she played her first show concert for a label. She was very nervous, she doubted herself, locked herself in the bathroom. But then she would have mustered up all her courage and played the song “Be The One” – with a member of her current live band, incidentally. “I can be the one,” he sings, and is actually one of the hundreds of acts that finally appear on the city’s largest arena after such a presentation. Which in her case is also due to her documented determination. She already showed it at the age of 15: When she was 11, Dua Lipa had to return to Pristina with her parents in Kosovo – and although she felt very comfortable there, she quickly felt that from there the pop career was going to be a difficult start. So, with parental consent, at the age of 15, she moved to London, lived with a family friend, played song covers on her YouTube channel, and began dating. The rest is history.

A story that writes the next exciting chapter of this colorful tour where at one point even a giant lobster pops up onto the stage. With all the pop culture scribbling here where you would think that I was standing in the corner with a notebook, for me it was just a euphoric concert night that I had to wait two years for, in the midst of a very nice audience, for which, by the way, I noticed that Dua is a favorite of the LGBTQ + community. Leaving the room, someone next to me said to his friend: “THIS is pop music!” A proposal that I would like to expressly support here.

Samir Hussein Samir Hussein / WireImage

Samir Hussein Samir Hussein / WireImage

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