What is Köhen’s “Bänke-Fest” about

Koethen / MZ “We want the bank to be our stage,” says Uta Seewald-Heeg as she describes the idea. First of all, clubs, cultural workers, merchants and private persons should enter the stage. In the middle of the city and around the castle.

Wherever there are benches, the people of Köthen and their guests are invited to sit, rest, spend time together, talk or do something, discover, create, play. Depending on your mood.

If the skies were blue, hopefully many would benefit from the Bench Festival on June 11th

Bänke-Fest – as the organizers of Köthener Trafoprojekt called the event – wants to give room for creativity. And not digitally, but personally. Uta Seewald-Heeg, who, along with Köthen Bach festival director Folkert Uhde, is managing the transformer project, still seems a bit extraordinary after a two-year pandemic. But it’s time to get people out of their digital comfort zone again. If the skies were blue, hopefully many would take advantage of the June 11 banking festival to go to the city to bring it to life. Which also describes the purpose of the project.

Mayor Bernd Hauschild and with him the project group “City Center Castle” are aware that for Köthen residents – unlike foreigners – the castle is “very far from the city center”. He emphasizes: “he feels far away.” It must be possible, he says in a press conference last week, to “create closeness.” That is why the group, consisting of cultural actors, representatives of advertising associations and municipal administration employees, worked on ideas for bringing the city center and the palace space closer together. Thanks to the campaigns, it should be possible at the festival of benches.

The construction of a bank that has been announced as “huge” is under construction

About 50 different benches are available for the participants of the day. Action benches and rest benches. The areas of activity have been divided into these two categories. You also have to distinguish between public benches – these are all those that are already in the city – and those that have been brought. It is also possible. Provided that the respective location is marked on the Schlossbund website and the newly created banking step is booked.

The bank, which was announced as “huge”, is currently under construction, the mayor reports. The Köthen Employment and Job Promotion Company (Köbeg) and its employees take care of this. And on June 11, this unique item should be near the town hall. Exactly where remains to be clarified. Because the downtown, especially the market square, seems extremely popular.

Finally, there are ten creative benches that can be used by kindergartens or schools in the run-up to the event and then perhaps used during a bench festival. Five of them were built by Köbeg and five by Lebenshilfe. And these benches are now waiting to be embellished. As the organizers explain, the bank would also be delivered to the chosen place, where it should be decorated for the festival. Uta Seewald-Heeg would be especially happy if these creative benches were beautifully designed to visually enrich the festival of benches and offer the actors another stage.

“We want many people to be able to talk to each other”

All bank locations are recorded on a digital card which interested parties can now reserve. The user’s first and last name, email address, time you would like to use the bank are required – and the organizers are asking for a brief description of what is happening at the bank or at the bank on June 11th.

From 11:00 to 17:30, the transformer project invites you to the festival of benches. “We would like a lot of people to talk to each other and see that it is just a stone’s throw from the city to the castle,” says Uta Seewald-Heeg.

The digital Bänke-Fest-Karte is available at www.schlossbund.de and can be filled out there. You can also send an email to [email protected] book your bank or call us on the number 03496/3099888.

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