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At its flagship Relate conference, Zendesk (NYSE: ZEN) today unveiled new solutions that put conversation at the center of customer relationship management. Zendesk is also introducing a new employee offering to help companies transform internal processes to create the best hybrid work experience.

“The last few years have made it clear that the digital world is the doorway, convenience comes first, and relationships are anchored in conversation,” said Mikkel Svane, CEO and founder of Zendesk. “Zendesk is helping organizations enter a new era of conversational customer relationship management and turn customer service into an engine for growth.

Do better business with conversational CRM

Zendesk’s approach to conversational CRM connects and integrates the front and back office. This not only gives the front office the ability to provide support, but also provides a complete set of intelligent data and real-time services for customer interactions. Recognizing that customers want to communicate quickly, conveniently and directly, on their terms and through their preferred channels, Zendesk now offers:

  • Conversation automation with more sophisticated botswhich allows companies to extend automation with messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, build and train custom bots to solve common problems, and match customer requests from the service desk with the right answers using third-party data to be enriched.
  • omnichannel routing, It allows the organization to adapt to changing conditions, properly support teams of employees and introduce changes based on customer demand in real time. Teams can ensure calls are automatically routed to the right agent – regardless of channel – and closely monitor performance to better deploy agents and respond to customer demand.
  • orchestration of conversational data, which enables companies to engage in large-scale conversations with customers by combining processes, event driven data, and custom logic.
  • Analytics for Smarter Sales and Serviceso businesses can turn calls into sales with data-driven analytics. Custom reporting capabilities allow teams to manage large numbers of tickets and analyze past trends to better understand the channels through which customers and prospects communicate.
  • Conversation channels in Zendesk Sellstarting with WhatsApp * through which sales teams can communicate with their customers and automatically record every interaction in the Sell section, where it can be managed, tracked and assessed.

Better support for meaningful employee experiences

With the introduction of hybrid work environments that combine remote and office work, employees have new needs and expectations. Personalized, data-driven and timely service is important not only for customers. Employee support teams also need an efficient and easy way to transform the way they work with features like simplified workflows and automation.

The Zendesk employee offering builds on over 15 years of experience in providing the best customer service and combines the Zendesk Suite with additional features such as integrated self-service, easy-to-use case management and Zendesk Professional Services. ** With this offering, it offers Employee Support Teams Zendesk:

  • A single point of contact for HR, Finance, Operations, IT and other support teams critical to connecting employees with internal services;
  • a way to eliminate repetition, friction and unnecessary administrative processes and make it easier for employees to access important information, resources and services; and
  • Insight into trends and emerging issues to continuously improve employee experiences.

Zendesk’s conversational CRM and Employee Experience solutions are powered by the Sunshine platform. With the Sunshine Platform, organizations can quickly customize Zendesk with apps, tools, and off-the-shelf features that fit their systems.

For more information on Zendesk’s new conversational CRM capabilities and Employee Experience, see the links below. Watch Relate for more customer stories, product highlights, and more.

* Whatsapp integration is currently in the EAP and bots for sale are slated to go live in the winter of 2022.

** Zendesk is working with three key partners of the employee support teams, Myndbend, SweetHawk and EZOfficeInventory, to offer three months of free services as part of the Employee Experience package.

About Zendesk

Zendesk started the customer service revolution in 2007, enabling companies around the world to offer great customer service online. Today, Zendesk is the leading provider of services for everyone, everywhere. The company makes billions of calls around the world, connecting over 100,000 brands with hundreds of millions of customers via phone, chat, email, messaging, social media, community, review sites and help centers. Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, founded and developed in California, and listed on the New York Stock Exchange, the company currently employs over 6,000 employees worldwide.

Find out more at www.zendesk.de.

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