Assos Dyora RS Collection: “Fun on every ride”

Practice test pants, T-shirt, jacket, vest

Author: Barbara Gerber

Assos Dyora RS Collection: “Fun on every ride”
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01/05/2022 | Anyone who calls Assos their own clothing knows the first impression when opening the package: the feeling of having a very high-quality product that immediately invites you to leave. Also my first look at the new Dyora RS spring / autumn collection made your eyes sparkle. As with the summer collection, all parts are black and Violet preserved, so that the entire Dyora collection can be combined with each other as you wish.

This Dyora RS Spring Autumn Vest,
a softshell vest with a minimalist design, mainly characterized by a windproof and waterproof three-layer front. The open end at the front bottom is well thought out: there were no folds on the abdomen while driving. At the back, it has an elastic waistband that prevents lifting on the back. The vest always fit properly on the rides, there was no need to tug or straighten it. Now in spring, when the wind was still cold, the vest was indispensable: on every ride with temperatures below ten degrees it always kept the body warm.

The vest has no back pockets, which is debatable. What is hidden in the T-shirt should therefore be taken out of the vest – which is sometimes a bit embarrassing, but in my opinion is not an exclusion criterion. The advantage is visible when it is raining: nothing gets through the zippers or the seams. When it comes to colors, Assos goes black and black in the Dyora collection Violet – which is chic but does not provide great visibility on the road. Therefore, there are reflectors on the back of the vest that increase visibility at dusk.

This Dyora RS Spring / Fall Jacket
is the perfect combination of long-sleeved jersey and a compact softshell jacket – a great accessory for Dyora RS Spring Fall vest. The sleeves are made of clinging Lycra fabric, and the Assos equips the front with wind protection and built-in ventilation. There are three easily accessible pockets on the back.

The first time I touched it, I wondered if the jacket was too thin for spring. On the rides, however, the opposite turned out to be the case: whether it was cloudy and windy or sunny and warm, the jacket always gave off the necessary warmth. Together with A short base layer of skin I always felt like I was wearing the right thing. I also have it on many trips Dyora RS Spring Fall vest worn out, which made the equipment not only functional, but also optically perfect.

this Dyora RS Spring Fall Bib shorts S9
With its insulating materials and aerodynamic fit, Assos says it should bridge the gap between summer bibs and spring / fall knickers. My spontaneous question was, “Who needs lined cycling shorts?” In spring and autumn, I wore long winter pants or short summer bib pants with knee or leg warmers, depending on the weather. New Dyora RS Spring Fall Bib S9 it quickly showed me that it could be even better. On sunny days with occasional cool winds, the pants provide perfect protection against the wind, without creating the feeling of “I’m hot”. On colder days, with stronger winds, the pants combined with undersuits always provided the warmth that the weather demanded.

As already with Dyora RS S9 summer shorts it has it too Spring bib for fall exterior straps for extra support. As usual, the Assos pants feel like a second skin and fit perfectly even while driving: no abrasions, no unnecessary padding, no sore spots after the ride, even without sitting cream.

this Dyora RS rain vest and Dyora RS rain jacket
They are made of a three-layer, waterproof material with fully taped seams and (in the women’s version) in a slim-fit, feminine cut. Both parts are in color Violet eye-catcher, you almost can’t wait to ride in the rain. In addition, you are clearly visible to other road users.

This Dyora RS rain jacket in “Venus Violet”, the light weight (170 grams) and the small package size are eye-catching when unpacked. Fits easily in any back pocket; The slits on the back provide ventilation, which largely prevents sweating under the jacket. Two-way zipper is equipped with a convenient zipper – it can be ventilated from the top and from the bottom.

Dyora RS rain vest
has the same properties as the jacket, but has a lighter shade. The vest is a stylish protection against the wind, as well as protection against short rainfall – it attracts attention that will attract many eyes. The center of the body is well protected from wind and rain, but the zipper is a bit stiff compared to a rain jacket – though both parts have the same fasteners.

After many rides and an extensive training camp: a great compliment to Assos. Whether it’s the sun or the clouds, every trip from
Dyora RS spring / autumn collection Cool, I got off the bike with a smile every time and rejoicing me on the next tour. All test pieces were washed after each route and were ready for reuse the next morning due to their ability to dry quickly. Even after repeated washing, they look dyoraParts from as I just bought. In my opinion, this affects the high prices of the collection – and with pants, a long-sleeved sweatshirt, a vest and a rain jacket, you are perfectly equipped for spring and fall.

Dyora RS Spring Autumn Sleeveless 230 euro

Dyora RS Spring / Fall Jacket 300 euros

Dyora RS Spring Fall Bib shorts S9 230 euros

Rain vest Dyora RS 230 euros

Dyora RS rain jacket 330 euros

Barbara Gerber is the editor of our sister print magazine ProCycling.

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