Drinking Aloe Vera: This trend is really dangerous

Aloe is a plant that has been used by humans for centuries as a panacea. aloe As a drink, it is said to strengthen the immune system, aid in wound healing and even soothe serious illnesses.

Now, however, there are critical voices about what actually drinking aloe vera affects the body. Here you can find out what it is really about and whether it is worth drinking aloe vera.

Aloe Vera Juice: Is It Really a Miracle Medicine?

Aloe: this is how the plant affects the skin

Aloe is a popular ingredient in natural cosmetics. It is said to moisturize and even soothe skin diseases. However it is none of these effects are scientific proven. “So far, there is no medical evidence of aloe vera,” said Bernd Kerschner, project manager of the Medizin-Transparent.at platform, at ORF.

The situation in the study says the same: there are several studies that show the plant’s effects on disease, such as: neurodermatitis or psoriasis but I also examined it was here no effect was found. The effect was also not detectable on wounds and ulcers. So who with aloe skin diseases he wants to heal, he should rather go to go to a dermatologist.

However, the gel is proven to work: us helps with sunburn. An experiment by the University of Freiburg in 2006 confirms this effect. However, it must A gel for this with a high content of aloe have, which is not always the case with industrially manufactured products.

So if you buy an aloe vera skin product, you can use it after sunburn. Make sure the aloe content of the product is as high as possible. The gel should not contain any skin irritants such as perfume.

Aloe preparation
You have to be very careful when preparing it. Picture: MJPS / Getty Images by Canva

This is what users say about the product

The makers of TikTok, such as @sassyhau, believe that aloe vera is also good to drink. In the video below, she recommends drinking plain aloe vera gel from a drugstore. He says it’s good for health and skin. However, he cannot prove it scientifically.

Users drink aloe vera juice to make Strengthening the immune system, enhancing wound healing and even depression heal. The comments under TikTok videos vary widely. Many want to try it for themselves, and others relate how drinking the juice improved their lives.

User feedback on other platforms is also very mixed. Some see clear successes such as skin improvement, others see no effect.

However, science says that oral use is actually questionable. Diarrhea and digestive problems can be a direct effect on the intestines. This is also shown by videos on the social network. Many also criticize the taste of the plant.

Therefore, oral use is questionable

Anyone who prepares an Aloe Vera drink for a smoothie, for example, must be extremely careful. The outer layer of the leaf contains the so-called anthranoidswhich have a laxative effect and are therefore visible in the long run it can damage the intestines according to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment. In particular Pregnant women, menstruating women and children should not eat the plant.

It is also no standardized production process. Although many manufacturers note the careful and careful squeezing of the plant, but it checks there is no place if anthranoids are included in the final product.

Plant flavor

According to users, aloe vera juice has a lot a tart taste that takes some getting used to. At the same time it counts as quality functionbecause the more bitter the drink tasted, the less sugar and water was added to the drink.

However, if the juice it tastes very bitterit is most likely contaminatedbecause the leaf bark was not separated thoroughly enough.

Conclusion: a miracle cure or just an ornamental plant?

Unfortunately, aloe vera does not have the effect that some people expect from a plant, both internally and externally. However it is Gel for sunburn is extremely helpful. If you want to use aloe vera for this, make sure that the content of the finished gel is as high as possible or extract the gel directly from the plant.

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