Fraunhofer IZM plus partner companies: The production line “Future Packaging” – strategies and trends

KITOV inspection robot by ATECare.
KITOV inspection robot by ATECare.

At SMTconnect 2022, Fraunhofer IZM is presenting the “Future Packaging” line with a total of 16 machine and software partners, among other things to show you how to use the “digital twin” meaningfully.

The shared booth (hall 5, booth 434, live production and guided tours daily at 10:00, 13:00 and 15:00) focused on embedding the line concept in a virtual environment. During daily tours and live productions, partners will work on a variety of themes and demonstrate how to pave the way for the future of production.
The motto of the line is »Digital Twin: Opportunities and threats in the field of assembly production«. This is a further development of the traditional approach of being able to simulate and test the system behavior in later use in the conceptual phase before actually deploying / moving to production via a black box through the interface definition / description and meeting the requirements.

»Digital Twin«: What role does Fraunhofer IZM play?

Thanks to the development of the Fraunhofer IZM, several “digital twin” opportunities have emerged over the past 29 years. This includes becoming a system integrator and component supplier (up to a pilot series) in the field of sensors / sensor systems for transport, industry, mobility, medicine or network modules from LoRa to 6G.

The most important events for exhibitors

In addition to these exciting activities, all exhibitors will present their individual attractions at the joint stand “Future Packaging”.
Brady will demonstrate 100 percent legible markings from heat-resistant materials, but also consistent markings and identification for smart manufacturing. Brady offers both classic RFID tags and new RFID temperature tags that enable wireless reading and monitoring of temperature on a variety of devices, devices and machines, shelves, cables and structures. Labels are preconfigured as a service and 100 percent inspected to ensure trouble-free production.

Fuji Europe’s »NXTR-A« modules form the industry’s first nesting platform that automates the feeder changeover process. This functionality is realized by cassette feeders that pick up the rolls, and an intelligent loader that then automatically separates the rolls. This machine platform offers zero placement errors, zero machine downtime, and autonomous and unattended operation.

LPKF introduces its new “CuttingMaster 2240”, a depaneling system with integrated tensor technology. This is a patented ultra-fast beam delivery technology. By combining tensor technology with a galvanometer scanner, much higher beam steering speeds can be achieved.

Another new feature is “LoadingMaster”, an all-in-one system with a wide range of functions: loading and unloading of workpiece carriers, frame removal, blister / magazine packing, etc. Allows quick and easy loading and unloading of the system.

The user-friendly graphical user interface ensures easy adaptation and programming of functionalities, processes and recipes. Using the Loadingmaster as an example, the preparation, conversion and integration of new products can be demonstrated with the “digital twin”.

IPTE’s »FlexMarker II« (laser marker) offers additional functions for laser power calibration, as well as laser profiles, barcode profiles, etc., to make it easier for operators to use laser markers without extensive training.

Other key features of the IPTE are: »Precision Contacting Test Handler« (PCT), Board Handler »MLL-3p AIV«, Magazine Line Loader with AIV Interface and EasyTest (HMI) with a new intuitive user interface for integrated sequencer test applications (will be present in ETH and PCT handlers).
»PCT« is an inline tester for assembled panels in mass production. »PCT« can handle all rigid plate materials, including ceramics. Especially in fine pitch applications, it can demonstrate its strengths thanks to the highly precise, active alignment.

IPTE Flexmaker II laser marker
IPTE Flexmaker II laser marker.

As an automation expert in component manufacturing and in the automotive sector, IPTE already has extensive experience in using the “digital twin”. This enables the simulation of a line configuration in 3D and the identification of bottlenecks. This allows customers to evaluate the line configuration at the earliest stage of the project, leading to the right approach the first time.

The software producer QualityLine presents a system that offers a clear display and process support in parallel to production, which helps in the first place to prevent errors and allows for quick tracing of causes.

ATEcare will integrate SPI, AOI and AXI systems in the line. The new “SPI VP9000” from ATEcare is the first of its kind to use three different resolutions as required, so that inspections can always be carried out in high-speed mode, but with the lowest resolution per field of view (min 5 µm) if required. Such SPI can not only check the paste, but also the glue. There is also a special contamination detection mode.

The »3D AOI VT-S1080« is also completely new. The AOI head is a special feature of the system. The patented MDMC (multi color – multi direction) lighting is integrated, which is also used in the precise INLINE measurement systems. The proven DLP projection has been extended to four projectors and complemented by the patented MPS (MicroPhaseShifting – Columbia University) technology. This means that more image sequences and different frequencies are used, making interpolation of the image data unnecessary in order to generate good 3D images and thus avoid slippage when smoothing calculations are performed by interpolation.

OMRON presents the next generation of the “VT-X750 AXI” series. The inline x-ray system was equipped with new lamps and detectors, thanks to which it was possible to significantly increase the speed of inspection again. The control takes place “on the fly”, ie without stopping. Programming just got easier thanks to automated data processing.
When it comes to goods management, the line presents the new “FLYSCAN” Inbound Scanner, which, compared to other systems, handles all barcodes and takes only half the time. Systems for automated transport and storage of goods will also be presented.

As a test and inspection specialist, ATEcare can also take care of the entire material and goods management flow, as the necessary data and interfaces are already available in the test, so it is worth facing the automation of goods management as well.

The F&K Delvotec “2022” Wire Fusing Machine includes a universal thick wire splicing head for power electronics products which, as a special feature, enables conversion between front and back cutting applications within 15 minutes. This allows the customer greater flexibility with different design variants and product diversity.

Quality line software.
Quality line software.

But what about dosing technology? A total of three different modules for the application of additive materials are integrated in the line »2022«. Thanks to the automatic dispensing system SPIDER, Essemtec ensures the application of a solder paste additive to safely and reliably distribute traces of various components in combination with stencil printing.

Thanks to the “Vantage” series, Nordson ASYMTEK will fill with the highest precision, even in the smallest volumes, with precise and reliable spraying at a speed of up to 1,800,000 points per hour. Vantage systems have the ability to ultra-precisely position very small lines less than 200 µm wide and can reliably provide precise dispensing lines for volumes <1.5 nL, as required by knot scaling in waffle technology.

The components are protected by the Werner Wirth “Alpha 6” system. The system is easy to use and highly flexible with regard to a wide range of requirements. The machine is designed as a standalone work cell that can be used to coat and dispense various media as well as other customer specific applications such as atmospheric plasma surface treatment.

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