Merkur CUP in Lengdorf: fun and excitement until the final whistle

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FC Lengdorf perfectly organizes the qualifying round, and also provides a sporting attraction. But FC Moosinning can also expect progress.

Lengdorf – Somehow the host felt responsible for everything in this preliminary round of Merkur CUP 2022. FC Lengdorf didn’t just bet on an excellent support program. It was his players who were involved in the most exciting game. The last game of a long day Merkur CUP: FCL needs a point to advance to the next round. It’s 1-1, but Post SV Munich is pushing for the opening goal.

But let’s look back. In fact, the whole day was already occupied on the premises of FC Lengdorf. The club received a contract from BFV to host the preliminary round of Merkur CUP 2022. For the Venji Quast tournament director, this means not only football, the environment should also be appropriate. She organized football darts from TS Teamwear, which also included prizes for the best. For example, hair bands. “We still had them from our DFB campaign for Girls’ Football Day,” says Quast. And she could count on something else: “Our pancake station was a hit again.”

The weather could have been better, at least in the morning. Anyone who sees things positively would call it Fritz-Walter-Wetter and FC Fasanerie-Nord handled it best. Three wins, goals 13: 0 – that’s what you call domination. FC Perlach is also deserved second in the group in the next round. “It was all very clear,” concludes Quast.

It should be tighter in the afternoon. Meanwhile, Peter also decided to turn off his powerful irrigation system as well. The rain wasn’t really needed anymore, it just slipped like that.

For example, FC Moosinning secured an eight-point intermediate round ticket second in the standings. In the first game against ESV Munich, FCM scored 2: 2. Julia Lammer and Sarah Maier scored two goals against the group winners, losing 2-0. Ella Glaser’s early goal was enough against FC Teutonia, who also scored in a 5-0 win over FC Ottobrunn. Lammer and Maier did the rest, two goals each. FCM coach Nils Rosenzweig was very pleased: “Our Supermädelz showed great team results. Great defense, great passes and the desire to score. It makes you want to go to the second qualifying round. ” The FCM coach thanked “FC Lengdorf for great organization”.

Helmuth Renner saw it that way as well: “Great experience for girls and coaches.” It was the first competition of this type for the newly formed E-Youth Team FC Schwaig. – The girls started the tournament nervously – says the coach. “But they were able to improve from game to game. The prize was winning the last match. ” Isabell Paproth and Julia Raßhofer scored two goals in a 2-0 win at TSV Milbertshofen. FCS lost to Post SV earlier and drew 0-0 against SC Baldham-Vaterstetten. And Emily Salbeck scored a 1: 3 consolation goal against FC Lengdorf.

Happy at FC Moosinning: Julia Lammer and Sarah Maier (from left) celebrate a goal and promotion to the next round at the Merkur CUP.

Happy at FC Moosinning: Julia Lammer and Sarah Maier (from left) celebrate a goal and promotion to the next round at the Merkur CUP. – Photo: Hermann Weingartner

Which brings us to the host who had a local derby match winner against Schwaig. Theresa Menzinger scored all three goals against local rivals. She was also among the scorers in the 5-0 win against TSV Milbertshofen. The other goals were shared by Julia Moll and Sara Printimalli. However, after losing 1-0 to Baldham FCL, she found herself in a situation that the last game had settled everything: winning would mean a group victory, a draw would mean second place and therefore another round. In case of failure, the women of Lengdorf will leave.

It is a pity that the strongest opponent waited with Post SV Munich. Against the background, “it was a real thrill,” says Quast. With a good free kick, Hanna Baumgartner gave the hosts the lead, but two minutes later the Munich team equalized. In the second half, Post SV really scored, attacking Lengdorfer Tor, “but the girls held up,” says the tournament director. When the final whistle came, there was a great cheer. The second place FCL is in the intermediate round. It will be held on June 25. The organizer is not known yet.

Quast hopes it will be a football festival similar to this tournament where almost everything was fine. The only drop of bitterness was the injury to the player’s arm from Ottobrunn. She had to be taken with Sanka to the doctor. “Everything else was fine. Fair games, no negative incidents, relaxed atmosphere, no complaints, “reports Quast, who was also enthusiastic about the two referees Werner Rammel and Thomas Thaler who whistled throughout the tournament. Overall, there was a lot of teamwork in the organization, he says. Quast: “People like Willi Brambring, Claudia Altmann, Stefan Weiherer and Dietmar Fischer are just a huge help.”

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