Opening of the exhibition “Re-KOKON” on May 20, 2022 in Kulmbach

Re-KOKON – Kerstin Kassel shows an art installation at the turbine plant in Kulmbach

On Friday, May 20, 2022 around 18.30 opening of an art installation “A. COCOON” in turbine house in Kulmbach instead. Kerstin Kassel, who works as a visual artist in Oberrüsselbach, writes about her installation in a press release:


Re-KOKON Kerstin Kassel art installation Kulmbach 2022

The art installation Kerstin Kassel can be seen in Kulmbach in May 2022. Graphics: Kerstin Kassel

Location – the old spinning mill, its history, the artist’s relationship with Kulmbach and her current artistic theme allowed for the creation of concepts and artistic works for this location.

Repeated spinning, withdrawal, renewal, transformation, growth (physical and mental), development, future.

A room / protection / nest for eggs (young animals, children, ideas and thoughts) for development / birth (knowledge) or here also as a metamorphosis of one’s ego, one’s own form into a different or further developed form.

Life includes various cocoons and re-cocoons to ensure evolution.

Cocooning is also used to refer to the state or active withdrawal, which was dominant especially during the corona crisis and blockades, in your own four walls, in your own small private space, and even within yourself.

Only by constantly questioning, rethinking, and coping with predictions, can the present and the past
continue to look and prepare to happen in the future.

Cocoon – crazy ideas, birth from the head, fantasies, dreams of pipes, utopias

Cocoon – to the development and birth of new or changed ideas and feelings

Cocoon – protection, security, love

Cocoon – as a symbol of life.

The cocoon obtains its stability and thus its existence through the suspension (hook) and various thick and strong tension connections. Fixing points, parentheses, values, guidelines, do’s and don’ts, morals, love and much more. they create certainty, reliability that still needs to be checked from time to time and possibly repaired or renewed.

Installation / Graphics

An oversized, fluorescent pink cocoon hangs in the room (on a large, antique hook). The _ pink web_ has changed
further developed – looking for transformation. For peace, harmony, change, renewal. As a central element – shape and color.

Fluorescent pink – high symbolic content: warning, luminous, fondly giving a strong color, needs sunlight – UV light for maximum representation.

From or to this cocoon, threads from the most diverse paintings and drawings on the walls (in the lower and upper parts) are pulled – everything is connected in a net, hanging together.

Another “source” is the turbine as the heart / engine.

At the back of the room, there are works that refer to family ties – pigments are carved and taken, traditions are represented and inspired.

Especially that the whole room is covered with colored dots of shadow, because the windows are partially equipped with transparent foil, a melody of colors with the course of the sun and lights on. Also visible from the outside.

The viewer goes through the installation.

A huge, impressive color and spatial impression is created.

Art supports (through) space and its action.

Re-COCOON exhibition

Opening on Friday, May 20, 2022 at 6.30 pm, with the participation of Mayor Lehmann.

Hours of operation: 14:00 – 18:00, admission € 2

Saturday 21, Sunday 22, (Mon-Wed closed) Thursday 26, Friday 27, Saturday 28, Sunday May 29, 22

More information about Kerstin Kassel at https: // www .kassel -kunst .de /

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