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Paula Lambert:

Düsseldorf (ots)

This year it is her turn: With WW Paula Lambert, she wants to raise the topics of well-being and coping with stress in the coming months. He is focusing on her health which has severely limited her recently. With a holistic approach to nutrition, exercise, mindset and sleep, the 48-year-old now wants to develop balanced, healthy habits and take her followers and fans on this thrilling journey.

When it comes to sexuality and partnership, Paula Lambert is not fooled. The “Sekspert” and TV presenter has been doing this for years and advising couples or singles on their challenges. Your job is to make others happy. However, what has been lost in recent years: herself!

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What sounds so simple in theory is often much more difficult to put into practice. Especially women like Paula who work and have a family suffer from time pressure. Keeping the balance between a full-time mother and a full-time job is a real challenge, especially when you are self-employed. Sitting at your desk a few days after giving birth to finish the columns or constantly thinking about the babies while you are at work – the remorse of a working mom never sleeps! So Paula Lambert sets the boundary and has a clear goal: your own well-being! From now on, he wants to take better care of himself: “It’s like on an airplane: first I have to put on an oxygen mask to be able to help others,” explains the presenter.

“This year will be my year of health.”

For the author and mother, stress management is the main topic that WW now wants to deal with as a partner. As with many others, a healthy lifestyle is often neglected due to the many burdens associated with work and family. “By working with WW I hope that through targeted coaching and new healthy habits I will learn to manage my everyday life so as to counteract mental stress. comfortable weight and stabilization of my health I want it to be still fun, because it is the only way to stay motivated in the long run. I want to charge my body and soul with energy! to pass it on to my clients – just like on an airplane! ” – says the mother of two sons.

Holistic approach

But how do you manage to arrange your (everyday) life so that it does not turn into stress and lose sight of yourself and your health? Paula Lambert wants to work it out with WW. A little “inhale and deep exhale” is not enough, he knows it. “Wellbeing is more complex – it’s about nutrition, exercise, being positive and getting enough sleep. Everyone needs to find out what well-being means to them: dinner with the family, bath in the evening, hot coffee before the day starts, a workout that challenges personal limitations, or a barbecue with friends. ”

She therefore starts the WW PersonalPoints program, which takes these factors into account and is specially tailored to her needs, preferences and habits. “In order to be able to continue to care for the happiness of others, I must first strengthen myself,” admits Paula Lambert, who works full-time as a life coach. “And I have no doubt that WW can help me with this,” he adds.

As a WW brand ambassador, the all-rounder will report on her experiences and advances in health on her own and on WW channels in the future. In various formats, such as WW Podcast or YouTube, he will talk about his journey to better well-being.

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