Radolfzell: Three days of fun and music for brass bands: the MV Liggeringen spring festival inspires attendees and visitors

It was a successful end to the spring festival Musikverein Liggeringen: After the festival kicked off on Friday evening with the octet, Froschenkapelle Radolfzell and Swiss festival benches, and on Saturday night with the band’s “Rock & Wind” concert, the hosts with their cover band Stoned Henge, the Liggeringers could also count for a full tent on Sunday.

The music association writes in its press release that many families used the event for a Mother’s Day trip and kicked off the day with a traditional pint morning concert performed by a band from Dingelsdorf. The afternoon was full of challenges for the brass band. This year, the Stahringen music band, musicians from Ablach (defenders of the 2018 title) and the youth brass band of the city of Radolfzell took up the challenge.

Playing with the nailing of pots

The Liggeringen hosts came up with very specific challenges and evaluation criteria – so besides the musical performance, other criteria such as fun, creativity and team spirit were required. After an hour-long performance on stage, the musicians could face the remaining tasks. In “nailing herd pots” you had to nail as many potatoes to the board as possible. It quickly turned out who had the greatest technical experience.

One of the challenges was nailing the potatoes to the board.

One of the challenges was nailing the potatoes to the board. | Photo: Musikverein Liggeringen

The sport continued to shoot the catapult: tennis balls had to be fired using the bass drum pedal (bass drum pedal) of the drum kit and had to be caught in buckets by teammates in the marked boxes. What do all musicians love? Of course, Musikverein writes about the tour. This is what the participants could experience in Liggeringen.

This task of the challenge required a stepping stone

This task of the challenge required a stepping stone | Photo: Musikverein Liggeringen

The fastest tour in the world: five musicians had to strap their legs to two boards and they set off. The last person in the row had to haul a trolley filled with tool cases as hand luggage. What was needed here was a sense of synchronicity, something that every musician should have in his cradle, and yet it caused many surprises and a lot of fun.

Music quiz and bouquets of flowers

Then there was a pit stop: everyone had to unfasten from the board and take a fictitious pee break, then clip back on the board and the tour continued. When they reached their destination, the five candidates were finally allowed to play the concert. A puzzle was played from various pieces of music, fellow musicians had to guess the title. The winner was the one who completed the journey in the shortest time.

Creativity was also the main theme in the challenge – and Mother’s Day also played an important role: each team was able to surprise the three mothers of the Liggeringen Music Society members with a bouquet of flowers and present them as creatively as possible. A small remuneration for the musicians’ wives who actively support the hospitality of the guests. Then the muscle strength was needed: the task was to keep the tenor tube as long as possible with the hand outstretched. Meanwhile, the musicians were allowed to warm up the atmosphere in the tent and cheer the audience and the opposing team on stage.

The Radolfzell Youth Orchestra wins

At the end of the competition, the performances were judged by a competent and humorous jury composed of Markus Müller (conductor MV Liggeringen) and Marco Vogt (chairman of Musikverein Öhningen). The Youth Brass Band (JBO) Radolfzell rejoiced in their victory in the 2022 Brass Challenge. Members welcomed the Challenge Cup trumpet that has now made its way from defender Abelach to Radolfzell.

Here's what the winners look like: The Radolfzell Youth Brass Band is celebrating its victory in the brass competition and can take the Challenge Cup with it to ...

Here’s what the winners look like: The Radolfzell Youth Brass Band celebrates its victory in the brass competition and takes the Challenge Cup home with it. | Photo: Musikverein Liggeringen

The Radolfzellers celebrated their victory enthusiastically, and it wasn’t long before some members of JBO got their instruments and played upbeat, romantic music. Some sounds of “Radolfzeller Narrenmarsch” were heard at the same time

“A completely positive surprise”

Eventually the participating music clubs agreed: “We are all surprised at what Liggeringen set up at the Spring Festival. An absolutely positive surprise. Great, finally we can do music again after Corona, this is our first performance after two years and then such a mega party here in Liggeringen. It’s fun to make music with other clubs and have fun, we are united by the challenge, ”MV Liggeringen said in a press release.

And Christian Weber, the first chairman, said: “I am very happy to be able to organize such a big event after a long break in Corona. This event brings us all together in Liggeringen, because without the support of the people something like this cannot be done ”. Three days of pure brass in all its aspects. it is just stunning. And further: “The positive reactions of the guests to this event reward us for the hard work we have done over the past few weeks. A big thank you to everyone – musicians, guest bands, guests, sponsors and helpers. “

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