How high is the risk of a coronary infection at a concert, festival, or event?

Concerts, festivals, parties: All events are allowed again without crown restrictions. But how high is the risk of infection at a concert?

Lena Meyer-Landrut She shocked some fans with her announcement: the singer explained that she was canceling her summer tour, including all outdoor performances. It was not about private obstacles, but about the current situation around the crown pandemic.

“I feel responsible to you and I myself don’t feel safe enough to play full production in mostly sold out, full halls due to the ongoing corona pandemic. I have the impression that the time has not matured yet, ”she explained that the 30-year-old is making a drastic step on Instagram.

This is an exciting decision considering there have been no restrictions on major events as of April 2. The question is how high the risk of infection is at concerts, festivals and events.

Incidence as an important infection risk indicator at concerts and festivals

There will be no compulsory vaccinations in Germany. At the same time, the number of infections is high and the highly contagious omicron variant is ubiquitous. Recently, however, the incidence has decreased. So much for the starting position.

The risk of corona infection is unconditional for everyone at the concert and event, that is for sure. “If she does not want people to get infected at her concerts, she has made the right decision” – analyzed prof. dr hab. Martin Kriegel from the Technical University of Berlin Germany publishing network musician’s decision. He is mainly involved in researching ventilation technology and is therefore an expert in this field.

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“First and foremost, consider the likelihood that people are infected at the scene. The best way to do this is to perform. In major events involving several thousand people, there is an almost 100% chance that at least one infected person will be there, ”says Kriegel.

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Kriegel and Bodenschatz recommend wearing a mask in concert

In concerts, festivals and events, it is difficult to determine the likelihood of being in the immediate vicinity of an infectious person. Here too, according to Kriegel, the frequency of occurrence is an important clue. In any case, she recommends wearing a mouth and nose protector: “This is very effective because large particles are blocked.”

physicist prof. dr hab. Eberhard Bodenschatz has a similar view. “I would definitely wear a mask to a small concert in a small space with a lot of people who don’t keep their distance. Especially as long as we have such a high incidence “- said the head of the Institute of Dynamics and Self-organization of Max Planck in Göttingen. Germany publishing network. Bodenschatz added that the mask is also useful for protection in large concert halls.

Situation at concerts and events different than at the beginning of the pandemic

Already in the first year of the pandemic, concerts were scientifically recognized as possible sites of infection. As part of the “Restart 19” project, Tim Bendzko gave a concert in Leipzig in August 2020. 1,600 negative volunteers were guests. Under the direction of dr. Stefan Moritz, it was discovered that ventilation technology plays a major role in the risk of infection. The researchers, led by Moritz, advised against classical events after the test.

Meanwhile, the situation is different, says Moritz: “The infection process is completely different now. Subjectively, it sounds like a lot when the party is attended by 50 or 100 people crown have been infected. But compared to everyday life, it’s only a very small part of the whole, ”he said Germany publishing network. The vaccination rate is higher and most infections occur in private rooms. One of the reasons why concerts and events are now possible again without restrictions.

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