Which switches should I choose when buying a gaming keyboard?

Switches are built into mechanical keyboards. But what switches should i choose if i want to buy a new keyboard? MeinMMO introduces the most important switches and explains the differences.

If you want to buy a mechanical keyboard for your computer, you have to choose key switches. They are installed under lock and key and ensure that your entries end up on your computer as well.

Which switches are the best? There is no easy answer. It all depends on you and what you want to do with your future keyboard. Depending on whether you’re just gaming, working a lot, or needing a keyboard for multiple purposes, other switches are recommended.

Therefore, we will explain to you which key switches are available and what you need to consider when buying a keyboard.

Switches: types and differences

What are push button switches? The switches are hidden under the keys of the keyboard. The mechanical switch consists of a base, spring and pin. After all, the shaft decides what switches you have on your keyboard.

What are the switches? The three most popular types of switches are linear, tactile and clickable switches. These types have different properties and are suitable for specific tasks.

There are also silver, black and green switches which we want to mention for the sake of completeness.

Why are there different switches? The switches differ in different properties. So each switch has a different pre-move. Pretravel describes how far you need to press the button until the switch point is reached. The entire route is referred to as the total route. Pressing a button also requires a different force. The required force is calculated in centiNewton (cN). The less force you need, the faster you can press the keys.

Different types have different needs. There are people who want particularly fast keyboards, but hate loud keyboard clicking. On the other hand, others want “clicks” because it makes them feel more specific.

Line switches (red)

The red switches are line switches. This means that you cannot feel or hear the switch when you press the buttons. There is no resistance when you want to press buttons, so you don’t know when you pressed a button.

Who are the switches recommended for? Linear switches are primarily intended for gamers who rely on fast keystrokes. As the required force is lowest at 45 cn.

operational force 45 cN
before the trip 2.0 mm
total path 4.0mm

Clicky Switches (Blue)

The blue switches are what are known as “clickable” switches. They get their name from the sound, the “clicks” the switches make each time they are pressed. So you get clear, audible and tactile feedback when you press the keys. Blue switches require more power than linear switches.

Who are the switches recommended for? The blue switches provide tangible and audible precision. Clicking while typing is also very rewarding. Keyboards with “Clicky” switches are therefore primarily intended for people who write a lot, but are also suitable for gamers.

operational force 60 cN
before the trip 2.2 mm
total path 4.0mm

Tactile switches (brown)

The brown switches are a compromise between the red and blue switches. They’re quieter than blue switches, but give you a crisp keystroke. So you feel a slight resistance that the button has been pressed successfully.

Brown switches therefore try to combine the advantages of both types, eliminating the “click” of switches, but maintaining a clear pressure point. The effort is between the red and blue switches, and the pre-journey is similar to the red types.

Who are the switches recommended for? The brown switches are the best compromise if you want to both type and play the keyboard. Because noticeable key feedback is maintained while noise is reduced. This is especially useful if you are sitting in the office and don’t want to drive your colleagues crazy, or if you use a sensitive microphone while gaming.

operational force 55 cN
before the trip 2.0 mm
total path 4.0mm

silent switches

Silent switches make no sound when pressed. Silent Switches are now available with a variety of switch types. The most famous German manufacturer Cherry also offers quiet switch models in both red and black.

Who are the switches recommended for? Quiet switches are just quieter than normal switches. On average, you also pay more for the silent models.

Can you hear this somewhere? If you want to hear the differences between the switches, you can do so directly in Cherry. Because at the manufacturer Cherry you can listen to all the switches with noise. It also helps if you want to decide on a switch type but aren’t sure about the volume of the buttons.

More news about keyboards: In addition to switches, some manufacturers also rely on membrane technology. It is a rubber plate that lies on the circuit board and communicates your commands. We tried the most popular gaming keyboard for you with such membrane technology on MeinMMO: I tested the most popular gaming bestseller on Amazon – that’s how good a mouse and keyboard for 30 euros

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