Altenberg: comrades-in-arms wanted for a living gallows

Comrades wanted for a living gallows

Anyone who misses summer nights with live music in Galgenteich has the opportunity to do something about it.

Marcel Gundel and Lea Wojzischke run the Kleiner Galgenteich campsite.

Marcel Gundel and Lea Wojzischke run the Kleiner Galgenteich campsite.
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Something has to change, otherwise nothing will change – that’s why Marcel Gundel and Lea Wojzischke, the couple who run the Galgenteich campsite, invite everyone who would like to take advantage of the Galgenteich and would also like to do something for him on Tuesday.

The last scandal on the gallows was some time ago, last year’s protection against the crowns made all activity impossible. Events can now be rescheduled and the campsite owner would like to continue what he left before Corona: with a varied and frequently used bathing area that also has the potential to be more attractive – for example with table tennis tables or better used rooms.

Can’t an outdoor pool be profitable?

“There used to be a lot of festivals here,” says Lea Wojzischke, who, together with Marcel Gundel, has given the square a new impetus over the past four years. But in the past, says Marcel Gundel, there were also municipal workers who were only responsible for the bathroom, at least until 2002. Now he and his partner take care of all the campsite activities, “and it is simply impossible to run a profitable outdoor pool here with a few days of swimming a year.”

They charge entry to the beach only when the weather is favorable for swimming, because then they employ a lifeguard. “Otherwise, the beach is always freely accessible. The people of Altenberg like it too. ” But tenants can’t make their money like this: “All our income comes from wages, electricity and lease, we can’t build reserves on that,” says Gundel.

Tenants are busy with camping activities

It would be nice to shape the catering and sanitary buildings around the pond or to put up more play equipment. And again organizing mermaid baths and festivals or live music. “But we can’t do it alone,” says Lea Wojzischke.

After all, the campsite itself is much busier than it used to be. “And summer is high season.” In addition, her eldest son is now a student, “he also wants to do something during the summer vacation”. There are also gastronomy and a beer garden by the bathing lake, which is also very expensive to run.

The goal is a non-profit association

Although Marcel Gundel and Lea Wojzschke are the tenants of the campsite, the bathing area with its slide and buildings belongs to the town of Altenberg. And the destruction of time clearly chews on the latter. “As a private operator and tenant, we have much less chance of getting financing,” says Gundel.

Therefore, their long-term goal of the meeting on Tuesday is to found an association. “Non-profit organizations are also much better partners for sponsors,” says Gundel. But most of all, they both spread the work on the gallows over many hands and responsibilities. “If someone volunteers for the cash register or is a lifeguard, the club has more income.” Money could also flow in through festivals. “This could then be invested in playground buildings or equipment.”

Many Altenbergers come to spring cleaning

When Lea Wojzischke and Marcel Gundel call for spring cleaning, not only long-time campers come, but also numerous Altenbergers. “Everyone is happy to help, the last time the benches were removed, the trees planted and the trees trimmed,” says Gundel. The willingness to help him gives him hope that there will be someone to look after the lawn in the bathroom and mow it from time to time. Or organize a festival or concert. Or, exhaust the financing options.

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“It takes seven people to form an association,” says Gundel, “preferably from Altenberg, who don’t have to travel that far to take part in this endeavor.” What if nobody finds you? “Then it remains as it is now,” says Gundel. Still with baths and beer garden but hardly any activities. And what are the children to admire later?

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