Auditorium Academica TU Clausthal reopened

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Auditorium Academica TU Clausthal reopened

Updated: 5/14/2022, 20:01

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A series of interviews on topics related to architecture, monument protection and monument restoration revealed a lot of information worth knowing.

A series of interviews on topics related to architecture, monument protection and monument restoration revealed a lot of information worth knowing.

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The ceremonial opening of the restored Aula Academica for 2.8 million euro is held with a ceremonial opening and interviews.

Lower Saxony Science Minister Thümler and 150 guests enjoy the Aula Academica TU Clausthal, as the architectural monument is intended for 2.8 million euros wonderfully restored. The astonishment was written on the faces of many of the guests: In the dome of the Aula Academica hall, 16 columns converge in the shape of a star at a height of 14 meters and form an imposing, luminous center golden leaf. Not only the shape, but also the play of colors with shades of salmon pink, gasoline and gray give the room something sublime, thanks to which the architectural historian and lecturer Dr. Ulrich Knufinke spoke about the “Saint of Saints TU Clausthal” in his solemn lecture.

After the building, first outside and then inside restored as a monument was officially opened in the presence of the Lower Saxony Minister of Science Björn Thümler and 150 guests. The audience shines in it again original beauty.

A combination of tradition and modernity

In his greeting, the minister went to the beginning of the monument: “During the ceremonial inauguration of the Academic Hall in 1927, it was said: ‘The style of the building is modern down to the smallest detail.’ Today, about 100 years later, on re-initiation we are talking about a historic building that has been renovated over the years renovated by the most modern means he became. Just as you combine tradition and modernity in other areas at TU Clausthal. You use your experience to develop future fields such as the circular economy and thus help secure resources for our domestic industry and population in the long term. Go on like that.

Clausthal’s professors and the university chancellor were delighted to hear these words. In his welcome speech, prof. Joachim Schachtner previously placed the Academic Hall and the associated swimming pool in the context of the general development of the Clausthal Mining Academy in the 1920s, and then referred to the future, formulating wishes and visionaries: Under wishes it falls Purchase and renovation of the swimming poolwhich was sold privately by a real estate company and which we would like to design as a multifunctional place for learning and meetings. ” Maintenance of the old chemistry building as a historical monument and its re-dedication to a place of science and events, and a great site for our unique mineralogical collections, which we could also make available there to the general public ”.

The central part of the opening ceremony was Lecture by Privatdozenta Knufinke from the Lower Saxony State Office for the Protection of Monuments, in which he used the auditorium and his Builder Leopold Rother in the history of architecture: “Regardless of the design, the construction of the Aula Academica was a sign of the departure of the former Bergakademie Clausthal, which in the second half of the 1920s underwent a huge expansion and thorough modernization experienced. The auditorium was designed to be the spatial, cultural and social heart of the university, yes, of the entire urban community of Clausthal, embedded in the new campus of modern institute buildings, but also the villas and residential buildings of the professors. “

A short round of interviews at the end

The celebration has ended fun round of interviews. It was led by moderator Hannes Schlender together with the accompanying architect Kai-Uwe Rüprich, Cordula Reulecke from the National Monuments Protection Office, Jan Fortunski (State Building Authority of South Lower Saxony), conservator Holger Windmann and Teresa Haars (University of Clausthal Archives). “The renovation was a really great story for everyone involved,” said Rüprich, “we have it Monument to the Academic Hall a bit far into the present, updating the topics related to pollution, fire protection and technology. ”

this external renovation the audience started in 2018. together with interior renovation costs – including the newly installed elevator – amount to a total of approx. 2.8 million euros. The Ministry of Science and Culture of Lower Saxony donated a good 800,000 euros and 150,000 euros from the federal government commissioner for culture and media Monument Protection Program. The main contribution was made by TU Clausthal. To celebrate the reopening, several university institutions collaborated to create one it is worth seeing the exhibitionwho is set up in the auditorium.

For the exhibition until May 20

Until May 20, interested persons can visit the collection of historical and current image documents and exhibits at the “Department of Science”. The opening hours are Tuesday 17 May and Friday 20 May from 12:00 to 15:00 and Wednesday 18 May from 15:00 to 19:00.

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