Good for grilling: common mistakes can be very expensive

If you want to grill on the balcony or in the open space in the summer, you can fall into many traps. Barbecue fans should remember this when playing bruzzel.

NRW – As soon as the sun has brought the temperature down, some meat lovers or vegetarians will pull out their food and meet friends for a cozy barbecue evening. However, when socializing on a balcony at home or in an open space in the countryside, some traps can turn bruzzel fun into a real nightmare.

barbecue facilities Gas grill, charcoal grill, electric grill, pan grill, table grill etc.
grill season from April to October, but occasionally also in winter
grilled food Beef, pork, poultry, vegetables, grilled cheese etc.

Grilling: the lack of a uniform legal situation can cause confusion depending on the federal state

The Green Area Acts, Hazard Prevention Regulations, and Housing Regulations – The provisions for barbecuing vary by state, city and municipality, and by tenant. Although there are no universal recipes, barbecue lovers should follow a few rules before heating their charcoal or briquettes. Because in some cases there is a risk of warnings or fines (more service messages on RUHR24).

In principle, grilling on your own balcony is not prohibited. However, before pre-heating the grill, it is worth reading the house regulations and the rental agreement. If the relevant clauses prohibit grilling on your own balcony or in the garden, you may be warned and even fired if you do it repeatedly.

Grills: Consideration in residential buildings prevents neighborhood disputes

And even if there is no express prohibition, caution applies when grilling on the balcony or in the garden. Unpleasant odors, noise and pollution should always be kept to a minimum in order not to disturb the neighbors, especially those on the neighboring and top floors.

Barbecue parties should also always be announced and discussed with neighbors to prevent future neighborhood disputes. Guests and hosts should also respect statutory rest periods so that the police or the surveillance authority do not visit the grill.

Crickets: generally illegal in parks and outdoors

If you don’t want to risk a neighborhood dispute or even a warning, you enjoy hanging out with friends in public places such as parks or public green spaces. However, grilling is generally illegal in places such as wildlife parks, botanical gardens, dog walkways, and playgrounds.

Grilling by the lake can be expensive.

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To make sure your barbecue party is not smashed up by law enforcement or the police, look out for the relevant signs that allow you to barbecue in certain locations. Depending on the federal state, the minimum distance between the grill and the ground in public parks must also be respected so that the ground is not damaged too much.

To be sure, barbecue enthusiasts should ask the municipality in advance if individual green areas in the municipality are allowed for barbecuing. The basics of fire protection, such as a safe grill stand, a safe distance from trees and shrubs, the use of appropriate grill lighters and the cooling of ash after grilling must always be observed!

Grilling: nature reserves are an absolute must!

Especially the lakes are popular with barbecue fans. But law enforcement officers are often particularly strict here, especially when it comes to places that have been declared coastal protection zones for nature conservation reasons. As flora and fauna are under special protection here, grilling is forbidden under any circumstances! For this reason, grilling in forests is generally prohibited.

If you are unsure whether the picturesque landscape can be used as a barbecue area, you should also pay attention to the relevant information and signs that clearly allow grilling. And even if the site is designated as a barbecue area, the limited barbecue permit only applies there and not over a large area.

Crickets: Warnings and fines can be so high

As already mentioned, penalties for violations vary from state to state. While there is no ticket to grill wild animals in Essen, you pay at least € 20 in Dortmund if you don’t use the places provided.

In nature reserves, bonfires and barbecues can be especially expensive. In NRW, the mandate to start and / or light fires in these locations is loud from 25 to 2,500 euros. Despite the ban, grilling in the forest can even be fined as an administrative offense with a fine of up to € 100,000, depending on the federal state.

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