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Two blue ticks show WhatsApp users that their message has been read by other chat participants. You can also read WhatsApp messages offline with a little detour. Thus, the caller does not know that the message has been triggered. Read below how you can invisibly and secretly read received SMS on WhatsApp without WhatsApp sending a read receipt.

WhatsApp provides comprehensive information on who and when was last online and whether your messages have been read. While you can deactivate blue ticks and turn off read receipt, you won’t even see the information from others anymore. If you don’t want to go without information and still read WhatsApp message secretly, this is only possible with a detour.

You can learn more about WhatsApp’s privacy settings in our video:

Read WhatsApp Offline: These options are available without blue ticks

If you receive a new message on WhatsApp, you can already read the message via the notification. So when there is a new WhatsApp message, just pull down the notification bar. If you have received multiple messages, tap on the top line which also shows the number of affected messages and chats next to “WhatsApp”. In the push notification options you can define how detailed messages are displayed in the notification.

Incoming WhatsApp messages are also displayed on iPhone in notifications on the iOS lock screen. If you read these messages here instead of launching the app, they will remain Also check for the sender of the gameHowever, you can usually only read shorter messages in their entirety because they are displayed only up to a certain character length. It helps here too Rotate the screento expand the text area. As of iOS 13, you can also just hold your finger on the notification to read the entire message.

If you tap on the message, you can even read the message reply directly from the notification windowwithout triggering the blue hooks.

We will also explain to you how to secretly listen to your voicemails:

This method is therefore particularly suitable for short messages. Longer texts may be shortened. However, you can expand the text box by rotating the screen. There are also other ways to secretly read WhatsApp messages:

  • Disable blue ticks: this applies to all chats and you can no longer find out when your texts have been read.
  • Use the WhatsApp widget
  • Read WhatsApp in airplane mode

If you’ve added the WhatsApp widget to your home screen, new WhatsApp messages will appear there as well as on your home screen.

You can read them without opening the Messenger app. Blue markers do not show the sender. If you open the app, WhatsApp marks the message as reread with blue markers. The widget offers even more features than viewing new messages via push notifications.

Read offline and secretly on WhatsApp thanks to the airplane mode

If you want to read the entire message in WhatsApp offline, you can use the airplane mode. This is a setting that disables all connections on your smartphone. If you received a message that you want to read secretly, you need to exit WhatsApp first. Simply closing the application is not enough:

  1. You need in your smartphone’s settings select WhatsApp in the application manager.
  2. Choose Stop or Force Quit.
  3. Now you can turn on airplane mode on your smartphone.
  4. Then launch WhatsApp and open the message.

You will now read the entire message without sending a read receipt. Then quit WhatsApp completely and disable airplane mode to get your smartphone online again.

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