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– What is the best way to obtain passports and ID cards for citizens? The demand for new documents is high now. Work is currently underway on the concept of postal delivery.

According to the department, the Bundesdruckerei is considering sending new identity documents directly to citizens.

The Federal Ministry of the Interior has asked the Bundesdruckerei GmbH to check the possibility of delivery by post directly to the applicant’s registration address and to submit an offer, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of the German Press Agency said. Then, in the future, citizens would only have to go to the office for passports.

The City Council of North Rhine-Westphalia welcomes this long-demanded step and calls for swift implementation. “This saves the collection in the office and thus takes the burden off the administration and citizens,” said Managing Director of the German news agency Helmut Dedy. Then many more requests could be processed. This demand of the cities must finally be fulfilled.

When may the change come?

The Federal Ministry of the Interior has not yet announced a date when such a change could take place. As soon as such an offer is available and a timetable for possible legal and actual implementation is drawn up, the federal states and the public will be informed about it, the spokeswoman for the ministry explained. The states are responsible for local passport and identity authorities.

The offer to be submitted by the Bundesdruckerei should be calculated on the basis of the Public Services and Prices Act. A spokeswoman for the ministry mentioned the keyword cost cost.

A few weeks before the start of this year’s summer vacation, an exceptionally large number of Germans want to obtain a new passport. The Federal Ministry of the Interior reports that passport orders are currently very high. This is mainly due to the easing of restrictions related to the corona pandemic, a spokesman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior told a German news agency.

He also gave another reason why, from 2021, no ID card will be accepted for trips to the UK. “Moreover, with the reunification in 1990, we can expect an increase in the number of passport applications every ten years,” added the spokesman. This ‘wave of reports’, which was already suspected in 2020 and 2021, has apparently been pushed to 2022 because of the crown.

Longer waiting times

According to the ministry, higher demand also leads to longer waiting times: the average passport production time has increased from 10.1 working days in January 2022 to 18 working days in April 2022. In addition to production, this also includes shipping and shipping times. Before the pandemic, it was between 9.4 and 10 working days, according to information on regular passport orders. Besides, the trials in the local government took time.

A spokesman for the ministry assumes that the number of passport applications will decrease after the summer holidays at the latest, and therefore the average production time may slightly decrease. The need for an express passport ordering process has also grown rapidly. More than 99 percent of express passports are ready for pickup within three business days.

You have to work off the top

NRW City Day calls on citizens to submit their applications as soon as possible. After the end of the crown restrictions, the demand for nominations was particularly high in many cities. “Corona has ensured that many people were unwilling or unable to reapply for ID documents on time,” said Dedy. According to the Association of North Rhine-Westphalia Cities, in some cities the number of people over the age of 16 without a valid identity document has tripled.

This mountain of applications, which were and are still to be invented, now need to be processed, in addition to the seasonal increase in the demand for travel documents. In the past year, additional registration offices have been created for a limited period, opening hours have been extended, and appointments have been optimized and processes have been optimized. Much of it will be there now, NRW City Day has been announced.

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