Buchen: “down town advisor” for a vibrant and sustainable city center – Buchen

Book. Vibrant and beautiful city centers make a significant contribution to improving the quality of life in cities. The corona pandemic has hit much of the retail and catering trade hard in recent months. The growth in online trading that has already occurred has been greatly accelerated and has led to a decline in frequency and a decline in sales. Nevertheless, according to the city authorities, the center of Buchen is on a stable basis and should become even more attractive in the future thanks to new impulses.

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To counteract structural problems, the Rhein-Neckar Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK), funded by the Ministry of Economy, Labor and Tourism of Baden-Württemberg, is offering the “Inner City Advisor” project. The city center advisers of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry help to connect the activities of local players and strengthen the retail trade as well as the attractiveness of the downtown and securing it in the long term. Mayor Roland Burger and active community chairman Marko Eichhorn signed a declaration of intent to signal the start of the project. There was unanimity: “We want to take care of it this time.”

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“Today’s shopping behavior is often shaped by the Internet. This is a very complex topic. We can’t just think of retail here, we also have to talk about catering, doctors, service providers, clubs, residents, property owners and everything that makes the community alive, “emphasizes Mayor Roland Burger and emphasizes the benefits of the support. program. The ‘Downtown Consultant’ project can speed up networking, cooperation and knowledge transfer about the downtown and is an important building block for the positive development of the downtown.

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“We are pleased to be able to bring our know-how on site and we look forward to intensifying the already very good cooperation in the field of retail development, as was the case last year with the IHK” Home shopping “campaign, he stressed. IHK consultant in the city center of André Trendl. He was at the Buchen Town Hall and presented the approach to the program in the presence of Simone Farrenkopf and Marko Eichhorn from the active Buchen community.

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“The first step will be to assess the current situation with a city center inspection. To break down barriers and show prospects, we check numerous indicators of both local shops and public spaces, local events and other downtown location factors. With the help of a pedestrian survey, expert interviews and digitization checks, we want to gather comprehensive knowledge and then present the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats at Buchen. Then it is about jointly delineating fields of action, measures and projects to strengthen the city center. This includes prioritizing activities and checking their feasibility, as well as creating a time and cost plan, ”explains Trendl. Local actors are supported and supported by IHK in implementation.

“We’re not starting from scratch. We constantly observe problems and work on them – emphasizes the mayor of Burger. The “Weekly market and regional products” working group was created, inter alia, as part of the citizen participation project “Rural space for the future”, which gave a positive impetus. “Everyone who deals with their future has one,” was the joint conclusion.

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