Avoury One: capsule tea maker in the test

Confident tea drinkers sometimes frown when they first hear about Avory One. Why do you need a tea maker?

Thanks to Avory One, bitter, lukewarm tea or a forgotten tea bag is a thing of the past. The intelligent machine reads the coded capsules and knows how to prepare the tea they contain. While white tea only needs to infuse for two minutes, the herbal infusion time is five minutes. Hot water is also slowly circulated through the capsule for the full development of the aroma. This is the theory. And in practice?

Perfect tea enjoyment at the touch of a button

Delicious tea after optimal brewing time

We tried it: the whole thing works perfectly, at the touch of a button. After turning on the coffee machine, just insert the tea capsule into the provided hole, close the flap, place a cup under the spout and press the large button with the sensor. Avoury One will take care of the rest itself.

All the varieties we tried not only tasted exceptionally good but also spread a wonderful fragrance around the room. It was an unexpected highlight for our noses as a welcome side effect.

Avoury One impresses with its elegant design

Acoustic signal at the end of the brewing time

What we also liked, in addition to the ease of use, the excellent taste and good smell of freshly brewed tea: after the brewing process, the capsule is automatically ejected and the brewing chamber is rinsed – the device signals this with three buzzing sounds in quick succession. They are not intrusive, but you can hear them even if you are not in the immediate vicinity of the machine.

Avoury app with various functions

Alternatively, the preparation of tea can be controlled via the Avoury smartphone app. Of course, we also tried that. It is connected to the coffee machine via Bluetooth and, for example, sends a notification to the mobile phone as soon as the tea is ready and it lands in the cup. If you have put the capsule in before, the preparation of tea can even be started with the application from the couch or bed – very convenient. Individual parameters, such as different brewing times or a different amount of water per capsule, can be adjusted using a smart app, just like directly on the machine. If we had any questions about the machine, we always found the right answers in the online manual. Reordering tea capsules can also be easily done with the app.

There are 40 types of teas available for Avory One

Speaking of reordering. It’s hard to be spoiled for choice, because Avoury offers 40 different types of teas to choose from. Among them there are such noble and unusual blends as the white Legend of Pai Mu Tan tea or the light, fruity Fresh Elderflower infusion.

Tea varieties for the tea machine Avoury One capsules

A selection of 40 types of teas for the tea machine in Avoury One capsules

The range offers everything the heart desires, for both tea beginners and connoisseurs: we were enthusiastic about all the varieties we tried, although our tastes are completely different. Fruit lovers praised the freshness of intensely flavored fruit infusions, such as the raspberry blooming in summer or the unusual bitter orange that brings to mind a good drink. Lovers of green and white tea liked the elegant note and subtle nuances in the taste of their favorite Japanese trio, Pearl Jasmine, Beyond Nepal or Milky Favorite, oolong tea. Black tea drinkers were delighted with the bold and honest appearance of their favorite varieties Strong Assam, Premium Darjeeling and Great Ceylon – true to the motto: If I prefer strong Assam for breakfast, I really can get it here.

High-tech tea maker: quick, easy, with recycled capsules

Certified organic tea and the Fairtrade seal

Which also convinced us in this context: all 40 varieties come from controlled, sustainable cultivation and all are certified. At the same time, the manufacturer thought about the disposal of used capsules and found an environmentally friendly solution: the capsule body consists of 100% recycled plastic and can be disposed of in a yellow container after use or sent to Avoura in a climate-neutral manner, thanks to which the plastic it can be reused, which the manufacturer can also use himself. A pre-paid 25 capsule bag is included with every tea order and can be shipped via DHL GoGreen.

Tea capsule for Avoury One

Recyclable tea capsule for the Avoury One tea maker

Our verdict: Avoury One not only looks good and decorates any designer kitchen, but also provides the ultimate tea enjoyment at the touch of a button or via the clever Avoury app. Tea couldn’t taste fresher, more intense, more elegant or better.

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