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Status: May 18, 2022 2:55 PM

NDR expands its offer in the regional languages ​​Danish, Frisian and Low German. The new content is intended to preserve the cultural identity and strengthen the languages ​​of regional minorities.

Serial production of the Danish-German internet magazine “Grænzenlos” begins on May 24, a collaboration project between the state-owned broadcaster Schleswig-Holstein and the Danish broadcaster TV Syd. The magazine reports from the border region in two languages. Also new is “Unerwäis”. The Frisian video podcast accompanies Frisians in their daily lives and provides an insight into life and culture. The magazine “De Noorden op Platt” reports monthly from the Landesfunkhaus Niedersachsen in Hanover about the Low German scene across the north. The new documentary series “Löppt bi uns” comes from the central editorial office of the Low German language in Kiel, and the new format for Low German talks with Yared Dibaba at NDR Schlager.


22 minutes

Simone Mischke (NDR Schleswig-Holstein) and Anders Køpke Christensen (TV SYD) visit special places on the German-Danish border and chat with the people who live and work here. 22 minutes

Volker Thormählen: “This is a matter close to our hearts”

The new offer is aimed at keeping the regional languages ​​alive and close to everyday life. Volker Thormählen, director of the Landesfunkhaus Schleswig-Holstein, said that portraying Low German and minority languages ​​is a matter of heart for the NDR as they are an essential part of the North German identity: “Our popular Low German offers have always been strong. Also offers in Frisian are already part of the program. Now we are expanding and enriching our offer with the German-Danish format, with which we focus even more on the border region. “

NDR state treaty reformulated

The relevant tender is formulated in the new version of the NDR National Treaty concluded by the federal states of Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein. The amendment to the state treaty entered into force in September 2021. All existing offers on Platt and Frisian will be fully preserved. All online formats are available at ndr.de/sh.

Innovations in detail:

  • The German-Danish online magazine “Grænzenlos” is moderated by Simone Mischke (NDR) and Anders Køpke Christensen (TV Syd). The Danish fragments are subtitled in German. In the first episode, the moderation duo visits the museum port in Flensburg. Articles, reports and interviews show in a fun and informative way what connects Germans and Danes. Grænzenlos comes out every eight weeks, and the releases are approximately 25 minutes long.
  • In the video podcast “Unerwäis”, the Friesians accompany them in their daily lives. In one of the first episodes, Föhrer tells how he delivers lab samples and dental impressions to the continent for island doctors several times a week. Annually, six fifteen-minute issues of “Unerwäis” are planned. The video podcast begins this summer and is subtitled in High German.
  • “Löppt bi uns” is a video podcast op Platt, which focuses on people from Schleswig-Holstein who speak Low German on a daily basis. The podcast covers the life of a paramedic, debt counselor, or marine biologist. There are three seasons of Löppt bi uns a year, each with three to four episodes of 15 minutes each. The series also starts in the summer.
  • The program “De Noorden op Platt” with Vanessa Kossen and Detlev Wutschik tells the story of Low German life in all four Northern German Länder. The new magazine introduces people who care about Low German – from young to old, outstanding or not. There are also reports from all over the north. “De Noorden op Platt” is broadcast on NDR television on the last Sunday of the month from 11.30. Start on May 29. The 30-minute program can then be viewed in the ARD media library. In the column “Momsen ünnerwegens” Detlev Wutschik is on the way with his famous hand puppet “Werner Momsen”.
  • Yared Dibaba welcomes guests on the NDR Schlager show – mostly North German musicians. For two hours, people talk and present the music of the guests. Successful Platt formats such as “Hör mal’n beten to”, “Plapermöhl”, “Düt un Dat op Platt” or a radio drama from Low German radio are also broadcast here.

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