Elon Musk Opposes US Democrats: Hate-Economy Party

Technology billionaire Elon Musk is revealing more and more views that bring him closer to the right-wing political spectrum in the US. He tweeted on Wednesday that the US Democrats had become a “party of division and hate.” Therefore, he will vote for the Republican in the future.

The 50-year-old head of electric car manufacturer Tesla also mocked elite Yale University as “the epicenter of the intellectual awakening virus that is trying to destroy civilization.” Blaming the so-called “awake” culture, which is essentially a fight against discrimination and exclusion, is part of the repertoire of arch-conservatives in the United States.

Musk received immediate applause for his comments from right-wing MP Lauren Boebert, a supporter of former President Donald Trump and advocate of extremely lax gun laws that oppose anti-corona measures, abortion, gay marriage and the switch to renewable energy. “Welcome to the right Elon website,” she wrote on Twitter.

Musk said he used to vote Democrats “because they were (largely) a party of benevolence.” Musk posted an illustration on Twitter at the end of April, which suggested that he had not changed his political position over the years – but the Democrats moved further and further to the left over time.

The political camps in the US are indeed more polarized than they have been for a long time, but scientific research argues against reading Musk. Over the years, Republicans have shifted more to the right than Democrats to the left, according to a study by the Pew Research Center. Berlin’s Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik came to similar conclusions: The Republican Party “has become much more conservative in the last fifty years, while the Democratic Party has only slightly moved towards liberal,” according to a survey from last year, including who assessed electoral behavior in the US Congress. From the point of view of many political observers, the rhetoric of Trump, which has become the dominant force in the Republican Party, is contributing to the division of US society.

In his tweet, Musk has now also written that a “dirty trick campaign” can be expected against him. He suggested it had to do with his political statements.

In fact, there have been reports in the media for a while that the US Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating a current attempt to take over Musk on Twitter. Among other things, it announced that it had reached the five percent participation mark eleven days later than required for a share purchase. This saved Musk money: by breaking the rules, he was able to buy stocks cheaper in eleven days, because once his Twitter entry went public, the price jumped up immediately.

Musk agreed with Twitter management to acquire the online service for about $ 44 billion. In the past few days, however, he has accused Twitter of making false claims about the number of fake accounts and bot accounts. This caused the Twitter share to plummet. Until now, it was unclear whether Musk would now try to push the price down or prepare the ground for an exit from the deal.

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