Fans say Tyler Baltierra’s message to Carly is “harmful”


Star MTV / Tyler Baltierra “OG Teen Mom” ​​Tyler Baltierra wrote a poem for his eldest daughter Carly on her 13th birthday.

Teen mom OG star Tyler Baltierra wrote a poem for her eldest daughter Carly on her 13th birthday.

The MTV star had “promised” the teenager he and his wife Catelynn Lowell had prepared for adoption that they would one day be together soon. Some fans were unimpressed by the public display of Baltierra’s affection for his daughter, whom he resigned, saying his message could “hurt” Carly, who was adopted by Teresa and Brandon Davis.

Baltierra said he “had no words” to wish Carly the best, so he wrote her poem, which was posted on Instagram on May 18.

It’s speaking:

I never wanted to let you go I hope you understand. I wanted to hold you in my arms forever. Like your fingers around my little finger. In your little hand hold this baby blanket … It’s folded over my chest by my bed and sometimes I untangle it just to wrap it around my neck and pretend it’s you holding it instead because I wake up every day with you beating in my heart and dancing in my head oh how I wish you could spin in my hands one day baby … I promise we’ll dance again but until that day comes I’ll see you in my dreams repeat over and over the sweet memory of my little finger in your little hand

Baltierra and Lowell are the only parents in the Teen Mom universe to put their child up for adoption. The Indiana people were 17 when Carly was born in 2009. In 16 & Pregnant, MTV cameras followed Baltierra and Lowell when they decided to put Carly up for adoption and showed how they found the Davis.

They try to see Carly at least once a year. Sometimes MTV cameras come to meetings, but Carly cannot be shown because her parents want to keep Carly’s identity a secret.

After a brief separation, Baltierra and Lowell got married in 2015 and welcomed three more daughters together: Nova, 7,, Vaeda, 3, and Rya Rose, 8-month-old.

Carly has met her siblings, but it is unclear if she has met the baby, Rya Rose, personally.

He was concerned about how the poem would affect Carly

Fans weren’t sure what to make of Baltierra’s birthday post.

Some admit that Baltierra had conflicting feelings about Carly’s putting up for adoption, but was worried about how his public letter would affect her.

“I have a lot of empathy for her, but I think Tyler publishing stuff like that in public could really hurt Carly. How do you want her to feel when she sees things like this one day? ”Wrote one person on Reddit.

Others suspected that Balteierra’s post was more intended to attract attention.

“At this point, I feel compelled. Yes, it’s sad. Yes, they are traumatized by it. But the way they milked their trauma to IG viewers / likes is gross. If Carly is the priority, you have a certain amount of freedom as to what you want to share, ”they said.

Some social media users took the opportunity to make fun of Baltierra. “I can’t help but every time you publish a poem, I read it to Stan in Eminem’s voice,” they wrote.

Lowell also wished Carly the best

Baltierra was not the only one to reach for his firstborn. Lowell also had something she wanted to share about Carly.

“Happy 13th birthday Carly !!! We love you deeply and we pray that you will have the time of your life today and every day! We always think of you ❤️” – she wrote.

Lowell shared a series of photos of Carly’s birth. Many of them show teenager Lowell and Baltierra holding baby Carly in their arms.


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