Giant Rooks Concert: Celebrated stop in Stuttgart shortly before the US culture tour

India’s Giant Rooks finally gave their follow-up concert at the Liederhalle in Stuttgart. In 90 minutes, the musicians clearly showed why everyone just licked their fingers on them.

By Bjorn Springorum

04/21/2022 – 12:04

Pathos and emotions have a place in pop music. Harry Styles can’t do without them, and indie giants like Arcade Fire like to draw on really big emotions. The result of combining these two worlds is a similarly sublime, monumental sound as Giant Rooks, the new creators of the German indie anthems.

Giant Rooks’ music is big, expansive and cinematic. The sound of an ocean of monumental spread and terrifying melancholy. He floods the Liederhalle and takes with him a well-filled Beethovensaal with the opening bars of the “Birth of Worlds” opener. A slow, dreamy track, more anthem than pop, with dying guitars and dripping synths.

Music that sounds old and young at the same time

Plus, of course, the special voice of Frederik Rabe. In the mid-1920s, he somehow manages to sound old and young, while being sensitive and strong at the same time. Also his band’s music. The five young men from Hamm broadcast a wide, international sound with independent virtues to role models such as Arcade Fire. Pop and epic yes, but also full of dazzling sophistication.

Everything the Giant Rooks are doing at the moment shows how well it fits in with the times. And of course this evening: hundreds of mainly young people crowd in front of the stage, the volume of the audience when the lights go out in the hall are reminiscent of teenage phenomena.

From school to universal

Giant rooks are also a phenomenon. But none of the retort. Founded in 2014 as a school band, you can already play with the Kraftklub in 2016, they signed with industry giant Universal in 2017 and were sent on their first tour. They haven’t even released their first album yet. In 2018, the inevitable move to Berlin, at the end of 2021 the duo “The Last Song (Everything will be fine)” by Frederik Rabe and Felix Kummer, who immediately hit the top of the charts.

You could also summarize and say: here is a German band that makes record managers and audiences happy. Five talented young men, a charismatic, handsome singer with that certain something in the vocal chords and music for really great emotions and moments. Dazzling, elegant, bittersweet.

Wildness must give way to planning

In the summer of 2020, Corona will finally make her debut “Rookery”. And if you want to criticize an album for one thing, it’s too perfect. Not a second is left to chance, everything is carefully planned and developed like a mature business plan. This also applies to their performance at the Liederhalle: you won’t find the wild indie side, freedom and spontaneity here. Instead, there is a perfectly staged display of great, room-filling gestures and 90 minutes of this soaring, epic music.

But is that why these musicians mean it less seriously? Totally not! The Giant Rooks write a soundtrack for a lot of young people. Her songs play at the first broken heart, when moving to a new city, at goodbyes, butterflies in the stomach, on the first long journey with her best friends. The audience sings word for word to almost every song. And not the first time. You are thinking of Tocotronic and would like to be part of the youth movement for the evening.

There is of course a lot of material from Rookery, including their previous genius towards the end of Misinterpretations, agitated, restrained at first, and then a track that grew stronger and stronger. As Frederik Rabe sits down at the piano, cheers erupt, and at the latest now he goes beyond his role as frontman of the German indie band and becomes a character similar to Harry Styles.

There is nothing German in this band anyway. Their sound is international, their subject is universal, palm trees flit past us in discreet but tasteful visualizations, whispering about California’s promises, not the green outskirts of the Ruhr.

This is also reflected in their tour schedule. After her stopover in Stuttgart, there will be a few more dates in Germany. Then he goes on a tour of the United States. Most of the concerts are already sold out.

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