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Sales of advertising in audio and audiovisual media in a recovery course

Berlin (ots) –

– The sales volume of the entire industry increased again in 2021 and 2022

– However, radio and TV advertising is still below pre-crisis levels

– The engine of growth is advertising in streaming services

For the current year 2022 VAUNET – Private Media Association is waiting

An increase in revenues in audio and audiovisual media by approximately 4.2%

a total of € 6.54 billion (2021: € 6.28 billion). What is

The TV division slightly increased sales by one percent to 4.38 billion

EUR, while sales in the radio sector remained stable at around EUR 707 million

stay. Despite the boom in the industry as a whole, sales are made on television

thus still slightly and significantly below 2019 data in the radio sector.

The driving force behind the overall positive development is advertising sales in particular

in streaming offerings, which will again hit double-digit growth this year.

VAUNET released these figures today in its spring forecast

The development of the advertising market in 2022, which was presented during the annual meeting “Plenum

advertisements “published by the Central Association of the German Advertising Industry (ZAW).

he became.

Claus Grewenig, CEO of VAUNET: “Current developments

Despite all the unknowns, we are fundamentally optimistic about the advertising market. this

private media make a significant contribution to democracy and

They provide variety and are largely refinanced by advertising.

The freedom to refinance, i.e. resignation from further restrictions

Advertising is therefore an existential question about the diversity of private media in


Frank Giersberg, managing director of VAUNET: “People spend more time

than ever with the use of audiovisual media. Accordingly, it also takes

advertising in audiovisual media is becoming increasingly important to advertisers

place value. And it makes an extremely important contribution to

Rebooting the economy after the crisis. This applies to the radio and

TV advertising and – at a lower level – for video and

In-stream audio ads ”.

Ad revenue 2021

In 2021, the TV sector recorded 8.2 percent. increase while

Advertising sales on radio dropped 0.9 percent. Advertising revenue in streaming

increased by 29.2 percent in audio and 29.8 percent in video.

In particular, the strong growth in streaming meant that in the second

2021 pandemic year, audiovisual media advertising sales as a whole

Pre-crisis level exceeded and increased by 10.7% year-on-year

the sales volume increased by 6.28 billion euros.

Mobile image advertising forecast 2022

According to VAUNET forecast, ad sales in video offerings are expected to increase until 2022.

a total of 5.74 billion euros (2021: 5.49 billion euros) in Germany

increase. This is the equivalent of an increase of around € 250 million, or 4.6

percent (2021: 12.1 percent). From this, television contributed to the growth

approx. 1.0 percent (2021: +8.2 percent) to EUR 4.38 billion (2021: 4.34 billion)

Euro). So TV advertising revenues are still slightly below

2019 pre-crisis level (4.40 billion euro). For net sales from advertising in

streaming video deals, the association expects another one in 2022

Sales increased by approximately 18 percent (2021: +29.8 percent) to approximately 1.35 billion

euros (2021: 1.15 billion euros).

Projected audio ad 2022

VAUNET forecasts advertising sales in audio services in 2022.

an increase of EUR 13 million, or approx. 1.6%, to EUR 803 million

(2021: € 791 million). For radio, VAUNET 2022 expects that

Advertising sales remained stable from the previous year, around EUR 707 million

Will. This means that the radio is still well below pre-crisis levels

2019 with an advertising turnover of EUR 784 million. For advertising in

the streaming audio offerings are forecast by the association for the current year

Net advertising sales increased approximately 15 percent (2021: +29.2 percent).

97 million euro (2021: 84 million euro).

About the VAUNET spring forecast

The VAUNET figures published today are completed by official German

ZAW advertising statistics, which are based, among other things, on annual data collected by VAUNET

Based on sales reports. VAUNET Spring Forecast for the Advertising Market 2022

based on company surveys and expert interviews.

Files to download

Publication and graphics “Audiovisual advertising in Germany 2021-2022” (https

: //www.vau.net/pressebilder/content/publikation-grafiken-vaunet-prognose-werbema


Other VAUNET Publications

VAUNET accompanies the development of the audio and audiovisual media market

in Germany with regular publications. This year he

The association has already published an analysis of the media use VAUNET 2021 (https://www.vau.net/press

e-missions / content / media-use-2021-audio-audio-visual-media-use-steig

t-Germany) and will be published according to the available spring forecast

for the advertising market in 2022 in summer, the development of the pay TV market with

Pay TV statistics and sales forecast for all for fall

Publish Audiovisual Media Revenue Segments in 2022.


VAUNET is the leading association of private audiovisual media in Germany.

The diverse business areas of about 160 members include TV,

Radio, internet and streaming deals. The work of the association is aimed at:

convergent development of audiovisual media markets

actively involved in framework conditions at national and European level. FROM

The business association aims to obtain approval for the policy and

they are created by economic concerns of audiovisual media as well as large ones

the socio-political and cultural importance of the industry in the digital world

bring age into consciousness.

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