Outstanding Architecture: Another award for Winterbacher Kelter – Rems-Murr-Kreis

Folding doors let daylight into the building and provide protection against rain. Photo: Photograph of Felix Pilz

The new Ellwanger vineyard building receives the “Wine Architecture Award 2022”. “The building combines tradition with modernity,” was the opinion of the jury, listing other advantages. Results are possible on weekends.

The wine press with the barrique cellar of the Jürgen Ellwanger vineyard in Winterbach, completed four years ago and designed by BK2H-Architekten, received another award at the Mainz Building Culture Center and was awarded the “Wine with Architecture Award 2022”. The award is granted throughout the country for exemplary solutions in architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and urban planning in the field of viticulture, wine production, wine marketing as well as gastronomy and tourism. This year, for the first time, the focus was also on sustainable development.

The atmosphere is important to the success of the vineyards

According to the organizers, the architecture and the beautiful atmosphere for wine tasting are important to the success of the vineyards today. The Wine Architecture Award, awarded for the fifth time this year, is awarded by the Chamber of Architects of the Rhineland-Palatinate with the support of the Ministry of Economy, Transport, Agriculture and Viticulture of the Rhineland-Palatinate and the German Winemakers’ Association.

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Four prizes, four awards and one special prize were awarded in the fifth edition of the Wine Architecture Prize. In addition to the Winterbacher Weingut wine press, the four award winners include the Cantzheim vineyard and guesthouse in Kanzem / Saar, the Mauerwinzer wine shop with bar in Berlin, and the Weinbergterrasse in Freyburg an der Unstrut.

A real eye-catcher on the through road

On the thoroughfare in Winterbach, on the grounds of the Jürgen Ellwanger vineyard, on the site of an aging twin, a wine press and customer showroom were built on the front line. The building, which, according to the jury of the architectural award, “also draws attention to the fact that wines are produced and sold here”.

“The new service building corresponds to the design of the surrounding houses and is highly appreciated,” says the laudation. It combines tradition with modernity and bears the signature of the young generation of winemakers. “The folding gate serves as an entrance gate. But by no means an ordinary entrance gate. While it cannot be seen when the gate is closed, when open, it allows daylight to pass through, but also provides protection against the elements and rain. A spectacular solution! ”

One effect: more visitors

“We work much more efficiently in production,” say Jörg and Felix Ellwanger of the new building in a traditional vineyard in a relatively central location. Occupational safety is increased, the hygiene concept works very well. The new building means that the company can grow now. The existing capacities have long since become too small. Another positive effect: “We have more visitors and would like to expand our direct customer market.”

It is possible to visit the vineyard with the award-winning wine press and tasting the wines produced there only on the weekend. Because on May 21 and 22, the traditional farm festival will be held at the Ellwanger vineyard on Bachstrasse.

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The architectural award is not the first prize for a new wine press. Already in the fall of 2018, the building was recognized by the Chamber of Architecture as an example of exemplary construction. In spring 2020, the seal appeared as a “wine work of art” in the “Wine and Architecture” project of Baden-Württemberg Tourism and the Chamber of Architects. “Gable walls of exposed concrete surround an obscured steel Corten facade folded over the eaves and roof,” was the talk of the eye-catching winery building on the thoroughfare at the time. “The selected materials, Corten steel and exposed concrete, are alive. They slowly change their surface and mature with dignity, like wine made in a building. ”

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