Thanks to this, the sound of your headphones will be much better

While audiophile music lovers still rely on wired headphones, and the trend is rising here as well, the masses are satisfied with the wireless models. Connected to a mobile phone via Bluetooth, the Spotify button pressed and your favorite CD is already playing. Whether in-ear models suitable for travel or over-ear headphones with even better active noise cancellation (ANC) that block annoying colleagues and noises in the office, on the train or on the plane: Bluetooth headphones are becoming more and more and more popular. In addition, you can buy good on-ear models with great sound and great ANC for just 130 euros. Like this model that scored an incredible 93 out of 100 in our test. But what if you are not satisfied with the sound?

Improve the sound in your headphones with an equalizer?

There are headphones that come with a mobile app. This is also the case with the mentioned model. Here you can fine tune the sound. Thanks to various preset sound modes and equalizer, the quality of one track or the other can be brought out of the sound here and there. But not all manufacturers offer such an application.

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Equalizer apps for Android phones and iPhones are now also available. But these don’t always work well. If they change the sound, it’s mostly at the bottom. There’s a reason why one of the most downloaded equalizer apps on the Play Store is called “Bass Booster”. Apart from frequent clipping or noise, there is another problem with these apps.

This is better than most EQ apps

If you download an equalizer app like this, you can improve the sound here and there by turning or pressing the frequency controls. However, for many, it is often unclear what exactly is going on here. Most turn up the controls that control the bass. The headphones spit out more bass. But good sound is not only about more bass.

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There has been an app for a while now that wants to change everything. It wants to find the sound that suits you best – and that your headphones can deliver too. Because “good sound” is different for everyone. Some people like to balance and want to bring out all the details of the orchestra, others prefer a warm sound. Not only the taste is different, but also the hearing. The Neutralizer app is designed to help you find the perfect sound for you.

Headphone Sound Enhancement: How It Works

Many feel that when an existing pair sounds “faint” they need new headphones. However, before you rush to the store for a new, expensive model, it’s worth checking the application. After starting the application, you can create your own hearing test profile. The neutralizer shows a circle that you can set to a specific volume. This happens step by step for several frequencies. A tone is reproduced and you set the value so that you can just hear it. If you then put your favorite song on the virtual turntable and turn the sound profile on and off in the neutralizer, you’ll notice a clear difference. Just try it – it’s free.

SoundID SonarWorks (for Android and iPhone) works almost identically. Here you will first be given a hearing test to see how good your listeners are. The results will be presented to you after the test. Next, you should determine which listening profiles are best suited to a particular riff or song. The app uses the AB test to ask about your personal listening preferences. Now the app creates its own profile for a specific pair of headphones. If you use several handsets, you can create different profiles. With the SoundID app, you can now play your favorite song and hear how the sound changes with the off-on switch.

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