1MORE ComfoBuds Mini – Sports In-Ear Headphones Tested / Game Experience

The 1More ComfoBuds Mini is one of the smallest and lightest wireless headphones on the market today. Fortunately, no savings have been made in the area of ​​technology. Multi-stage noise suppression (ANC) is included and a runtime of nearly six hours.

First impression and scope of delivery

Solid rock with clean processing

The case that comes with the scope of delivery can get almost four charges which means you can achieve a battery life of up to 24 hours. It is possible to charge via USB-C cable or completely wireless. Of course, the manufacturer promises great sound that can also be experienced during phone calls. Four built-in microphones are used here. The headphones also wear well during sports and even light rain will not fit in them. This is possible thanks to the included IPX5 protection.

It’s not particularly colorful as the 1More ComfoBuds Mini is only available in black and white, for around 100 euros. The scope of delivery includes not only the charging case and the headphones themselves, but also four rubber covers of different sizes and a USB-C and USB-A cable. Unfortunately, there is no suitable power supply on board for the USB-C cable.

How exactly 1More ComfoBuds Mini looks like can be seen in our photos and should not leave any questions unanswered in this area.

The 1More ComfoBuds Mini are quite light, weighing 3.7 grams and are almost imperceptible. Maybe a little more weight in the battery area wouldn’t hurt, but a runtime of 4 to 6 hours would probably do just fine.

The slim housing is ten times heavier than the headphones, so it also provides the space required for the two parts. The housing is supplied with a high-quality product that can be opened and closed easily in the operating area thanks to its magnetic closure. If the charging case takes approximately 5 hours to charge, four charges will be available. Thanks to this, when fully charged, the headphones can work for up to 24 hours, with occasional breaks.

Comfort and service

Discreet and comfortable

Since we only have an iPhone, we could only try the 1More Music app, and we had no problems here. Here we could also read the charging status of both the headphones and the case. You can also turn on ANC mode or transparency with a short press of one of the plugins. The app also offers additional functions here. Thanks to smart playback, the music stops as soon as both headphones are not in your ears.

Individual functions can be set with a simple touch of the earrings. However, don’t expect too much customization here. Everyone should see for themselves if features like SoundID, which contain two different sound patterns, make a big difference. The app doesn’t do anything wrong and leaves a solid feel, but we won’t be raving about the individual features forever either.

When it comes to wearing comfort, there is certainly nothing to complain about. Due to the almost imperceptible weight and the various rubber caps, you can find the right size for each ear. There was no unpleasant feeling about the battery life and they didn’t just fall out of our ears during our sports activities.

The earrings are equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology. The maximum distance here is a solid 10 meters and cannot be prevented with partitions. As long as the cell phone was within the specified range, we never had any problems here. The existing IPX5 protection withstands sports and slight weather irregularities, which of course should also be standard.

Sound and sound image

There could have been a little more

The most important factor when it comes to headphones is obviously the sound quality. Here we did not have to record any compromises either with phone calls or with the heart of music. The maximum volume didn’t shatter our drums and the bass was palpable too, even if some power was left. Nobody complained about the poor quality of the microphone during phone calls, which is of course a plus.

Unfortunately, the quality cannot be maintained with the three-stage ANC. We are used to wearing headphones where there is almost no noise from the surroundings. Here, however, even the highest level only filters out noise to a limited extent.

Transparency mode is also mainly available for dial-up connections. This is exactly the opposite of the ANC function and thus offers the possibility of not hearing your own muffled voice, but in a clear variant, as if there were no headphones at all.


Not bad to start with

1More ComfoBuds Mini convinced us in the overall picture. On the one hand, as it should be, they are very small and can be easily stowed in any trouser pocket. Then, of course, the headphones are very comfortable to wear. Overall battery life does not attract attention. However, for our taste, the battery could handle more power. The case should be able to load a little faster. The sound quality also convinced us and we were able to enjoy it even with a bit weak bass. Phone calls or videoconferencing can also be managed well with the help of little plugs. Anyone who uses the app like us also gets a very good overall package and can make even better settings as well. Of course, no miracles are to be expected here.

If we are to make one criticism, this is clearly a weak ANC function. Unfortunately, only minor noises could be filtered. We would prefer to be completely insulated from any noise that has nothing to do with music. Nevertheless, we can recommend the 1 More CondoBuds Mini as the price is very affordable for the quality provided.

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