96 percent of employees like their job! Niceshops is the best employer in Austria

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Saaz (pts015 / 05/20/2022 / 11:15) –

The global institute “Great Place to Work” has awarded niceshop with the absolute highest value certificates for the satisfaction of its employees. An anonymous survey showed that the Austrian online store is the best employer in Austria in the category of over 500 employees. Niceshops also received a Special Award for Integrated Sustainable Development for its commitment to environmental protection.

A great result matters a lot. Because over 92 percent of all 550 niceshops employees took part in the standard and anonymous survey. The network promoting work cultures that put employees at the center of action was created by the global institute “Great Place to Work”. A total of around 100,000 employees participated in this year’s survey of Austria’s best employers in the Trust Index.

Austria’s best employer and green model company

At yesterday’s “Great Place to Work” Awards Gala at the Ariana Auditorium in Aspern, the management and the niceshop colleagues who traveled with them were delighted. Together, they received two awards: the Best Employer in Austria in the category of over 500 employees and the Special Award for Sustainable Commitment! Great appreciation for the extraordinary work environment that the approximately 550 niceshop employees in Saaz, Graz and Vienna can enjoy all year round.

It is not only unusual delicacies that make up the “Kind Spirit”.

Swimming pool and beach volleyball court in front of the Saaz company entrance, free breakfasts and lunches, massages in the office, flexible working hours that also allow part-time management positions, summer kindergarten and much more that sounds great. However, an essential core of the niceshop corporate culture is mutual appreciation.

Working together as equals: What are you actually doing here?

Nice people are by name and treat each other as equals, regardless of the role they play in the company. For some, this can be an amazing statement, best illustrated by the anecdote.

A colleague who has only recently started in niceshop was chatting at the annual summer party in the spacious garden and recreation area in front of the entrance to the logistics center in Saaz. She told her friend this and that and how fun it is to work in niceshopach. Finally she asked her friend: “What are you actually doing here?” Roland replied that he founded the company a few years ago and is one of the three managing directors.

A clear role model leaves classic hierarchies behind

Structurally, the niceshops are based on an agile role model that organizes the work, not the employees in so-called “bubbles”. It defines who takes over what role in work processes. This favors initiative, self-organization and cooperation. The model also provides a high degree of transparency and makes it easier for employees to find a place in the company where they can best use their potential. New roles and teams are created in a decentralized manner so that the company can react extremely quickly to changes and effectively implement an ambitious development strategy. If things don’t go so smooth at times, there are people you trust who are available as professional and private contacts.

Make the world a little better: employees get involved

In addition to claiming to be one of the best employers in Europe, many niceshop employees are committed to taking responsibility for the environment. Car pools, car-free days and much more are proof of the decades-long commitment of nice people. In addition, plastic-free materials are used in transport, green electricity is generated through its own photovoltaic system, and the main site in Saaz is heated with waste heat from a neighboring farmer’s biogas plant. For this, the Special Award for Sustainable Commitment was awarded.

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