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Basel, May 20, 2022 E-bikes and e-scooters have recently become an increasingly popular part of the city. They are also often technically tampered with to exceed a legally defined maximum speed. At the same time, the legislator does not provide that helmets are mandatory for light mopeds with a maximum permissible speed of 20 km / h. But how do the consequences of an accident change if the rider of a light motorcycle rides at a tuned, and therefore overspeed, and has an accident? What role in protection can a safety helmet play? Baloise carries out this test in cooperation with the Dynamic Test Center AG and the Basel-Stadt traffic police.

“Light motorcycles manipulated by speed increase the volume of traffic. In today’s crash test, we will recreate some crash situations to educate road users on how to deal with them, ”explains Daniel Junker, head of vehicle experts at Baloise.

The first crash test shows a scenario where the scooter hits the car sideways. The driver misjudges the speed; the e-scooter is tuned. The driver is not wearing a helmet. Then Rolf Thommen, head of the Basel-Stadt traffic police, analyzed the scene of the accident: “The driver was probably surprised by the excessive speed of the electric scooter. In addition, the rider of an Electric scooter usually hits his head first, then follows his full body over the car and is seriously injured in a collision and subsequent fall. At this speed, the helmet would be absolutely essential for self-defense.
Another fall-impact test shows what such a helmet can withstand. “In the test, a bicycle helmet with a dummy on its head for sale drops from 1.5 meters at a speed of 19.5 km / h to a steel plate. The specified delay must not be exceeded on the dummy’s head. This test is part of the approval test that every bicycle helmet sold in Switzerland has to pass, and this ensures that the risk of a head injury in the event of an impact can be significantly reduced, ”says Sandro Caviezel from Dynamic Test Center AG.

The second crash test predicts that the protagonist is an e-bike that hits the opening door of a car: “We know this scenario well enough from traditional bikes. it becomes more brutal. Whether you wear a helmet or not can make the difference between life and death, ”says DTC’s Heinz Reber.

Daniel Junker of Baloise summarizes the crash tests as follows: “Today’s crash tests shed light on the problems associated with the greater physical forces generated by the excessive speed of light mopeds. It is advisable to extend the requirement to wear helmets to such vehicles. there are also many such vehicles which are tuned and therefore exceed the recommended top speed, the manufacturer must prevent technical tampering to increase the speed. “

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