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Status: May 20, 2022 3:31 PM

After the crossbow attack at Bremerhaven High School, the background is still unclear. According to prosecutors, there are indications that the suspect is mentally ill.

“We are following these guidelines,” senior prosecutor Oliver Constien said Friday. The suspect himself exercises his right to remain silent. The 21-year-old has been in custody since Thursday evening. He is accused of attempted murder. According to Constien, the woman he is said to have attacked is in grave danger. According to the police and the prosecutor’s office, the victim is a senior high school employee. Apparently the suspect shot her with a crossbow.

Search for a subject and background

In order to be able to reconstruct the course of events further, the police were again at the crime scene on Friday. “The investigation is gaining momentum again,” said a police spokeswoman. Investigators now assume that the 21-year-old was acting alone. Already on Thursday, they searched several facilities to gain insight into the young man’s motives. It is also unclear whether the perpetrator and the victim knew each other. The relationship between the young man and the school is also not known yet.

Crossbow and other weapons seized

According to previous investigations, the 21-year-old entered the Lloyd Gymnasium building around 9:15 on Thursday and fatally injured a school worker with a crossbow. Shortly thereafter, he was arrested near the school. According to the prosecutor, the alleged murder weapon was also found when the 21-year-old was arrested. Investigators also confiscated a pistol and two knives.

VIDEO: After the shots at the school in Bremerhaven (19/05/2022) (2 min)

Police are increasing their presence in the city

After the fact, a recording of the arrest of the 21-year-old appeared on social media. The prosecutor confirmed the authenticity of the recording. It depicts the alleged perpetrator sitting in front of traffic lights at a busy intersection. As the police approached with flashing blue lights, the man lay flat on the ground and allowed himself to be arrested without resistance. Police were on Friday with an increased presence in the city. According to the spokeswoman, the goal is to strengthen the human need for security. In addition, officials would also be available for discussion in all schools.

140 people wait for hours at school

According to school officials in Bremerhaven, about 140 people were detained in the school building during the attack. Due to the ongoing matura exams, there were far fewer than usual over 500 people. Students and teachers barricaded themselves in the classrooms where they spent several hours. The school grounds were cordoned off over a large area and special forces searched the building to make sure there was no further danger. Around 1:30 pm, all students and teachers were able to leave the building, accompanied by the emergency services.

The school’s back-up plan worked

The school’s contingency plan was launched shortly after a staff member was attacked in the morning. A 16-year-old student reported that the phrase coding for the school shooting was repeated over the loudspeakers. The teacher then closed the door and they all lay down on the floor. Bremerhaven School Principal Michael Frost (Freelance) said: “This is the worst possible event that could happen.” The school was very well prepared for such a case. “If there’s any good news today, it’s the good news,” Frost said.

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