Gardening should be “really fun” in the community

Marion Gottlob

Schwetzingen. Some Schwetzingen residents have been unable to sleep properly for weeks. This is what they want to have their own little bed for in the pilot project “Urban Gardening” in Schwetzingen. Now, in the city of asparagus, the contemporary idea of ​​gardening in public space is taking shape – in its own, so to speak, “Schwetzinger”.

The city administration initially feared that the first information event might not arouse interest. It was the other way around. About 40 guests came to the Palais Hirsch. Mayor René Pöltl was delighted: “Gardening is great fun in the community.” Urban gardening is to be possible at Marstallhof: the city is currently designing 70 plots of land ranging in size from four to six square meters in this sheltered inner courtyard.

There will be about 22 raised beds, the rest are deep beds. Anyone can apply for free shipping for an indefinite period of time – or more precisely: any resident of Schwetzingen. Bernd Kolb, manager of the municipal garden center: “This is the Schwetzingen project for Schwetzingen.”

Each family can only apply for one package for themselves. If there are more applicants than plots, the plot decides the allocation. Martin Wölfling is among the interested. Would like a raised bed for self-sufficiency with vegetables. And adds: “I’m interested in naturopathy. So I would like to plant wild herbs. ” The resident Maria Kempe is also interested in the bed. He already knows that he will plant tomatoes and nasturtiums – with irrigation troughs. “My grandfather had a tree nursery,” he says. And he entrusted his granddaughter with many tricks of garden art.

Interested parties can orientate themselves to a small trial bed with tomatoes, kohlrabi and eggplant. As soon as flower beds are distributed, city gardeners will receive advice from city gardeners. Chemical pesticides should be avoided. There will be watering cans with a chip watering system. Also a common place for

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