Heavily damaged hair? Here are the top 3 Olaplex alternatives

What really helps damaged hair? For a long time, the Olaplex was the only miracle weapon – quite expensive, unfortunately. We found three great alternatives.

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Olaplex hair care products have been recognized as the best on the market for many years. Because they regenerate damaged hair and allow for delicate coloring. Unfortunately, quality also comes at a price: the overrated Olaplex No. 1 and no. 2 are available only at a hairdresser, and you can quickly lose over 100 euros for a professional treatment in the salon. Fortunately, the success of the Olaplex series has also attracted many followers to the stage who can certainly keep up with the prototype. We’ll tell you here which are the best Olaplex alternatives for a small budget.

Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfectioner

Goodbye damaged hair! These are the best Olaplex alternatives

  1. REVOLUTION Haircare Bond – from € 33.95 at flaconi.de
  2. Elkaderm Keraphlex Starter Set – from 30.74 Euro at amazon.de
  3. Bond Angel Plex effect – from 49.49 euros at amazon.de

The hair care revolution: What exactly is Olaplex?

When the Olaplex brand appeared a few years ago, it started a small revolution in the hair care industry. Suddenly, you no longer had to choose between a new color and healthy hair, because Olaplex allows you to color without the subsequent straw effect. The Californian brand’s products are based on a unique complex of active ingredients. Unlike conventional care products, the patented active ingredient bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate not only repairs the hair surface but also works from the inside out.

Dyed or chemically treated hair especially benefits from this unique effect. These processes attack the sulfur bridges in the hair, which provide stability and structure. Olaplex restores these bonds and strengthens the hair structure permanently.

Olaplex alternatives: These 3 products work similar to the original

The hype surrounding Olaplex products is perfectly justified. Because the effects after the treatment speak for themselves. However, the only disadvantage of Olaplex is that not all products in this range can be easily purchased in the store. The Olaplex treatment consists of three different products. While the third care product, Hair Perfector, as usual, the first two are intended only for hairdressing salons. For treatment by a professional, you can get rid of over 100 euros quickly. If you don’t want to spend that much money, you can also switch to cheaper alternatives.

1. New: REVOLUTION Haircare Bond Plex Restore Kit

The Bond Plex Restore hair care kit hasn’t been on the market that long, but it is already one of the most advertised alternatives to Olaplex. It is said that many influencers use the label kit when dyeing their hair. It consists of four different products that are not mixed with the color of the hair, but are intended to serve as intensive care afterwards.

REVOLUTION Bond Plex Restore hair care kit

2. Made in Germany: Elkaderm Keraphlex

Elkaderm’s Keraphlex is one of the most famous Olaplex alternatives on the market. Like the original, Keraplex works in a 3-step system. However, unlike Olaplex, this alternative relies on the plant-based active ingredient Kera-Protect-Complex to prevent damage during coloration.

At Amazon, you can buy the first two steps in a set. The first step consists of protection / protection and is mixed as an additive under lightening / coloring and then applied to towel-dried hair. The tonic / tonic agent is then applied abundantly to the hair like a mask and washed off again after at least ten minutes.

Elkaderm Keraphlex Starter Kit Step 1 and Step 2

3. Especially for whitening: Bond Angel Plex Effect kit

The Bond Angel Plex Effect kit only consists of two different products – No. 1 Bond Maker and No.2 Bond Reconstructor. The second care product is included in the set twice. As a treatment during the coloring process, Bond Angel Plex Effect promises to nourish the hair and protect it from damage.

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