Mozart Festival Würzburg 2022: 5 tips for spontaneity

The Mozart Festival 2022 kicks off at the Kaisersaal residence in Würzburg this Friday. One year after the centenary edition of the Centennial and two years after the pandemic curtailed programs, the festival is back to normal operation. Or not?

Apart from the fact that the Mozart Festival conducted by Evelyn Meining is always looking for new perspectives, that there is never a “normal operation” in the classical sense, this time one essential thing is different: Artiste Étoile, or artistic puppet, is one – living – for the first time. composer: Isabel Mundry, born in 1963. He composes especially for the festival and combines, interweaves, confronts Mozart with new sounds and new sounds with Mozart. Motto: “All in one: the free spirit of Mozart.”

Here are 5 tips for spontaneous people who do not know yet if and what event they can attend.

Tip 1: Stay in “Mozart’s Room”.

“M Pop Up // Room for Mozart” is the name of the hall in the center of Würzburg where meetings, exhibitions, lectures, concerts and experiments will be held throughout the festival. This time – respectively – in the former Mozart café on Herrnstraße 2. A peculiarity, apart from the name, is the famous artist Wolfgang Lenz (1925-2014), who, among others, he also painted a meeting room in the city, a room with motifs from the history of Germany and Würzburg, and equipped the premises of the Mozart café with motifs from the life and work of Mozart. We will discuss here, among others “The specific sound of Würzburg”, which is influenced by many cultures, including the Syrian one. There are radio stations and podcasts, and this is also where the audio guide around the city begins.

Tip 2: Find out how people think about the future in MozartLab

The term “Mozart’s Laboratory” may sound somewhat off-putting to highly scientific, intellectual freaks of fantasy. In fact, from 28 to 31 May, the laboratory at the retreat house in Himmelpforten will conduct research “far beyond sounds in the worlds of image perception, language, digital media and the philosophy of music”, according to the press release (all dates are in the leaflet that is available at website

And yet MozartLab is a good address for anyone who wants to see and listen a bit behind the scenes. For example, for open rehearsals. On discussion panels on topics such as freedom and the future of artistic creativity. Visitors can see the podcast “Des Pudels Kern” being made or listen to music with composer Isabel Mundry and then talk to her about it – a good opportunity to learn to understand new sounds better.

Tip 3: Experience classical music in a completely different way during the “Free Play” weekend

If you do not feel comfortable in a classic concert hall, where even the slightest rustle is punished with a dirty look, the weekend from 4 to 6 June may be interesting for you: The Würzburg Bürgerbräu Cultural and Creative Center is entitled “Freispiel” The scene of various musical meetings. The staircase orchestra, which has been awarded many times for its innovative concert forms, performs in the former production plants of the industrial monument. As announced, there is “Dark Ride”, a musical walk eleven meters underground, “through champagne cellars and the abyss of the soul.” There is a disco with classical music and an adventure concert for children from 6 years of age entitled “Flame”. There is a family festival running throughout the site (Sunday, June 5, from 1pm to 7pm).

Tip 4: Be there when Ariadne arrives at the Martin von Wagner Museum

Music by Mozart, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Gluck and Georg Anton Benda on Ariadne auf Naxos will be heard on Tuesday 14 June at 20:00 in Kaisersaal. In mythology, Ariadne helped the hero Theseus defeat the Minotaur. Which secured her a permanent place in the world of art, theater and music in the following millennia. Among others, Georg Anton Benda created a work in Mannheim in 1778 that made a great impression on Mozart. Lautten Compagney Berlin will play it at the Mozart Festival, and the recitation will be performed by Anna Schudt, until recently a crime scene inspector in Dortmund.

Visitors to the concert are also invited to 6:00 PM, when the sculpture “Ariadne on the Panther” by the Stuttgart sculptor Johann Heinrich Dannecker (1758-1841) will be unveiled in the neighboring Martin von Wagner Museum. The marble figure, considered one of the most famous 19th century sculptures in Germany, is permanently loaned to Würzburg. Museum director Damian Dombrowski will tell how Ariadna’s story inspired not only composers, but also visual artists.

Tip 5: listen to new things and listen to new things to the music of Isabel Mundry

You have to remember that Mozart was an avant-garde in his time. His contemporaries, however, understood his music, because at that time all composers had an obligatory tonal language with major and minor, certain chord progressions or dissonances. Today it no longer exists: composers work completely freely with sounds and noises. It often happens that the audience is left behind. The award-winning works by Isabel Mundry are among the most frequently performed contemporary musical works. Mundry constantly strives to create related sounds that are instantly accessible. You can experience it in many places at the Mozart Festival 2022, for example at the Kaisersaal concerts on June 9, 10 and 11. Important to know: no one is left alone with the new sounds, there is an introduction at 7:15 pm before each visit.

cards: If possible, please contact the Mozart Festival box office by phone: (0931) 372336. Tickets cost from 5 to 205 euros. Pupils and students: 50% discount on normal and last minute tickets for 12 euros. More information at

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