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VR pioneer Kandao is pleased to announce the launch of QooCam EGO: the world’s first 3D camera that offers instant playback, editing and sharing. After a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/qoocam-ego/qoocam-ego-snap-view-editandshare-your-3d-content-instantly?ref=9smk85) and Indiegogo (https: //www.indiegogo.com/projects/qoocam-ego-enjoy-3d-content-instantly?gclid=Cj0KCQjw06OTBhC_ARIsAAU1yOUD7Y_35CR94nq9-I5i302w1zriYTHcz8ADda3M_YqEAL-W68EGOZwQWegging experience for all photographers, novice photographers and newcomers. sharing memories in a new, vivid dimension.

QooCam EGO recently received the iF Design Award for its uniqueness and outstanding innovation. Its features, appearance and impact have received excellent reviews.

Industry-leading video quality and innovative design

Unlike competing products that only simulate a 3D experience, QooCam EGO recreates the human eye with an advanced stereoscopic camera module. With 60 frames per second and an impressive resolution of 3840 x 1080, QooCam EGO records with unprecedented clarity and immersion. Its two-channel stereo microphone complements the crystal clear picture with vivid sound.

Many competing products require a bulky headset to play videos, which not only adds cost but is also cumbersome and counterintuitive. However, QooCam EGO solves this problem with a revolutionary 3D viewer that magnetically snaps onto the camera’s touch screen for instant playback. Thanks to the combination of the high pixel density of the display and the advanced 3D viewer optics, the system offers 37 pixels per grade – an excellent level of transparency and almost double that of competing headsets.

In addition, QooCam EGO has been designed with convenience in mind. Two lenses – strategically placed 65mm apart to recreate interplanetary distance – use optical correction technology to avoid the potential dizziness and eye strain that can occur with prolonged use. The viewfinder’s contours delicately follow your cheeks, creating an immersive viewing zone without leaving any “pressure points” on your face.

Ready for any adventure, instant editing on the go

Overall, the QooCam EGO is compact and colorful. Thanks to its low weight of only 250 g, it is suitable for any adventure. Are you afraid that your battery will run out on the way? The 1340mAh battery provides up to an hour of recording time and can be easily replaced to minimize interruptions at important moments. Users can customize the QooCam EGO with an array of colored straps, lanyards and other accessories.

After your recordings are finished, you don’t need to transcode or combine them to play them back – a step required on competitor devices. Instead, they can be edited directly using the QooCam app on your smartphone. The app offers an extensive set of tools for the perfect cut, which can then be shared directly from your phone. It even offers a remote shutter feature, allowing users to unleash their creativity from different angles – perfect for vlogging. Finally, you can spice up your video by selecting a custom 3D sticker or template from the library in the app.

Share your impressions immediately

Perhaps the best thing about QooCam EGO is that users can easily share memories with friends and family. Not only is it fully compatible with major social media platforms, but it can also directly connect to another EGO user in EGO-to-EGO mode, sharing cloud uploading material. Other users can safely access the recordings using the generated PIN code. Alternatively, the movies can be viewed with a VR headset by directly inserting an SD card (up to 256 GB). The SD card can also be used to transfer video to an external device.


As of today, QooCam EGO can be pre-ordered in the Kandao store. Additional accessories such as extra batteries, selfie sticks and an EGO charger will be available from the official launch.


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