Best for last: 15 tweets about melting-in-your-mouth desserts

The very thought of a delicious, beautifully served dessert makes us drool. They are sweet or spicy, sometimes ice-cold, other times very hot. The dessert you enjoy while lying on the couch and everything is dripping with water, is fundamentally different from the delicious dessert in a restaurant that you eat to the last bite, despite many protests that I can’t stand it anymore. But they all have one thing in common: they make us happy! If everyone ate more desserts, would the world be a better place? Or would we just all gain weight and die of diabetes? Either way, we need to find something small and sweet to eat, and meanwhile, you can check out the 15 most delicious tweets about desserts.

# 1: He started!

# 2: You’re parting up to winter break

# 3: Jelly maybe?

# 4: Learn from the best

# 5: You eat with your eyes

# 6: When the Ice Baby grows up

# 7: Award for years of work

# 8: “As long as you put your feet under my table, there will be fruit!”


# 10: The part where you find out that you are giving yourself something is missing

# 11: Someone needs very large dessert plates

# 12: Obviously, size does matter

# 13: So the priorities are clear

# 14: Corona makes you fat. Thanks RKI!

# 15: We’re talking about plums … uh … cookies, right?

How about entertainment while eating dessert?

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