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After decisions to lower costs for drivers and users of local public transport, there are increasing calls for more support for other groups.

The Confederation of German Trade Unions (DGB) and the union place particular emphasis on pensioners and students. New DGB president Yasmin Fahimi told the newspapers of the Funke media group (Saturday): “Retirees and students must not go empty-handed. They should also receive 300 euros in energy allowance. ” It also called for a “temporary reduction in VAT on energy and a reduction in gas prices for all households”.

Fahimi criticized the lack of targeting when it comes to tax breaks. Low-income people would not get enough of this. “Of the total cost that the state will incur as a result of the Tax Credits Act, only seven percent will come from the increased distance allowance for long-distance commuters,” she said. “We are more likely to give the rest together with a watering can. This also applies to the increase in the staff allowance from EUR 1,000 to EUR 1,200. “

CDU: Support packages are not targeted

According to CSU Secretary General Martin Huber, the aid packages are late, not targeted and not enough. “It would now be more important for citizens to reduce VAT, and above all to ease the burden on pensioners and students, and to dynamically increase the relief for commuters when fuel prices increase,” demanded Huber in “Welt am Sonntag”.

“While US President Joe Biden has made the fight against inflation one of his main problems, the Chancellor does not even mention the word inflation,” criticized Jens Spahn, vice president of the Union faction. “In the short term, we need further allowances for citizens, including income tax, cold progression of keywords.”

The president of the German County Association Reinhard Sager (CDU) does not believe in the 9-euro ticket for local public transport, which was set on Friday. “Billions are being paid back to consumer spending like there is no tomorrow,” he told a German editorial network. Investment funds for municipal infrastructure are urgently needed.

Especially the family

SPD leader Saskia Esken told a German editorial network that families are particularly hard hit by rising food and energy prices. “When we came up with the help packages, we had the situation of families in mind in particular. Nevertheless, we cannot cushion the further increase in prices for basic needs with ever new individual actions ”. Instead, it is important, especially for lower-income families, to deal with inflation that “wages go up”.

In all sectors, particularly low incomes should now be taken into account in collective bargaining. “Workers now need more money to afford a life that has become more expensive. This is not the time to cut wages, ”said Esken. The head of the DGB, Fahimi, told the Funke newspapers that for social peace in Germany, “it is essential that workers now also
to feel taken away. We need a clear signal that
the costs of the crisis cannot be passed on to them. For this reason
let’s stick to our claim: we want it now
a good sip from the bottle with compensation. (dpa)

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