Jack White is coming to Germany for four concerts in the summer of 2022


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Rock legend Jack White is finally coming to Germany in June 2022 for a few concerts! In June, during four concerts in Germany as part of his “Supply Chain Issue Tour” you will be able to see one of the most important guitarists in the world! Important note: Jack White 2022 concerts will be held without cell phones. Everything you need to know about the new Jack White Tour and pre-order is here.

Jack White tickets at Ticketmaster

Jack White has a lot scheduled for 2022: Apart from the two new albums that are named “Fear of Dawn” and “Entering Heaven With Life” listen, the American rock star will stop in Germany for four concerts in June and July 2022. With his “The Supply Chain Issues Tour”, Jack White will be touring Cologne, Leipzig, Berlin and Frankfurt from June 30 to July 15 – a concert in Zurich is also planned in German-speaking countries. Special: All Jack White concerts in 2022 will be free from mobile devices – more information here. All dates in Germany at a glance:

Jack White was born Jack Gillis in 1975 in Detroit Born and raised in an extended Catholic family. When he completed his apprenticeship as an upholsterer with his music studies and even opened his own successful upholstery shop, it became clear early on that this probably would not be his way. Played since the beginning of the 90s. Jack White in different teams. But when he formed a garage rock band with his supposed sister Meg who was actually his girlfriend and later wife White Stripes founded, both quickly became known to a wider audience.

Since 2000 at the latest, it was impossible to avoid the artist’s successes when he performed at the Rolling Stones concert in 2006 and even wrote the title song for a James Bond movie with Alika Keys “A little consolation” received. Jack White now has his own record label “Third Man Records” a restaurant, a photo studio, and even its own vinyl press. This may be one of the reasons why the DIY artist has always managed to stay true to himself and produce exactly what he wants, despite working extensively with various major labels.

It is this creative freedom with which he can act and work completely without any outside pressure that makes Jack White such a unique artist. Because although he now appears in the largest concert halls and arenas in the world, his concerts always have an intimate character, which immediately brings to mind the unique family atmosphere of small rock and cellar clubs. His incredibly broad portfolio of different songs from the most diverse bands he was once a member of is incredibly impressive.

Over the years of his musical career, Jack White has won various awards and distinctions. Winning 11 Grammy Awards speaks for itself. This is how the American magazine Rolling Stone named him one of the “100 greatest guitarists of all time”. His last three solo albums, Blunderbuss, Lazaretto and Boarding House Reach have been a success. If you are interested in his latest single “Taking Me Back”, listen to him now:

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Jack White’s concerts will be free from mobile phones

With the coming Concerts “Supply Chain Issue Tour” there are some exciting uniqueness. Such as an atmosphere completely free of mobile phones or a completely cashless bar. Details on concerts and answers to the most important questions can be found here:

All information about Jack White concerts without mobile phones

What is “Free Mobile Demo”?

As it seems. Mobile phones are not allowed at the event area. A true experience without power.

How it’s working?

Upon arrival, Yondr staff (the company hired for this purpose) will help you put the phone in a small, lockable bag that you will carry with you all evening.

What if I have an emergency and need access to my phone?

You can unlock your phone from your pocket at any time by navigating to clearly marked phone usage areas at the entrance to the lobby. Contact a janitor or a Yondr employee if you need help finding one.

What about cashless bars or merchandise sellers?

We strongly recommend that you bring a credit card in case you are unable to access the phone in the bar or merchandise area.

What if I want to post photos or videos from the series on my social networks?

The local team can help with this. The promoter’s tour photographer will post live photos and videos every evening on jackwhiteiii.com and on Instagram @officialjackwhite. You just need to download the content from the website or repost it on Jack’s Instagram.

Why are you doing this and is it mandatory?

After the experience with concerts without mobile phones on the last tours, the organizer is convinced that this is a better show for everyone involved. You open your eyes a little wider, and your senses sharpen when the usual tech orb is lost. And yes, this requirement is non-negotiable (exceptions are for those who rely on their phone for treatment).

All information about YONDR can be found here:

All these special features may not be typical of many shows, but they will surely become one unique and unforgettable concert experience to lead. If you don’t want to miss it and finally want to see the rock legend perform on stage, you should hit right now and get Jack White tickets fast!

Various VIP Packages Available for Jack White’s “The Supply Chain Issues Tour”!

Pre-order, you can choose between two categories of VIP tickets for the upcoming “The Supply Chain Issues Tour”. However, some versions are only reserved for concerts in Berlin and Frankfurt. Here you have an overview of all VIP packages:

Premium Blue VIP Tickets

  • available in every city
  • General admission ticket
  • Early access to the interior, before regular ticket buyers
  • Exclusive VIP goods
  • VIP poster, limited edition
  • Jack white VIP keychain
  • Custom designed VIP gift (for Blue Ticket buyers only)
  • Superfan Memorial Pass
  • Access to the goods stand in front of regular visitors
  • Check-in + on-site support

Premium Silver VIP Tickets

  • only available in Berlin and Frankfurt
  • Local ticket in the best category
  • Exclusive VIP goods
  • An exclusive, screen-printed poster from The Supply Chain Tour
  • Jack white VIP keychain
  • Superfan Memorial Pass
  • Check-in + on-site support

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