London’s Burning Cast – From Hollywood blockbusters to pro poker players


The popular fire drama ITV London’s Burning has held all of us to the safety of our sofas for an extraordinary 14 years.

Its high-octane mix of emotionally charged storylines, action-packed drama, and an often-laughing script turned out to be an irresistible combination, and many wanted the show to continue. Its success was largely due to how much the audience warmed up the amazingly handsome band Blue Watch.

We liked characters like Rambo, Sicknote, Recall, and Poison, and we religiously tuned in to check in with the Blackwall guys and girls every week.

The London-based Burning movie started out as a two-hour movie in 1986 before becoming the 1988 TV series we all know and love.

There were a total of 172 flaming episodes before the show was dropped in 2002.

The fire drama was originally filmed at Bermondsey’s Dockhead Fire Station, and the first three series were filmed in the guard room, the wardroom and the bay – where real firefighters took the opportunity to take turns working as extras.

Whether it’s an explosive set design, a hot romance, or a quiet bit of character-building, London’s Burning really has something for everyone and continues to hold a firm place in the hearts of the nation.

With that in mind, let’s find out what happened to the cast members:

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Glen Murphy, who played the firefighter George Green (Photo: TV Times via Getty Images) Glen Murphy – George Green

Gorge Green was the show’s longest-serving character and the only one to appear in every series on London’s Burning.

The energetic ex-boxer joined Blue Watch early in the first series and enjoyed a steady stream of romance throughout his tenure.

Actor Glen is best known as a character from “London’s Burning” but has also appeared in the British thrillers “Tank Malling” and “The Bill”.

He received an MBE for his charitable work in 2007 after raising more than £ 1 million for good causes.

Glen, now 64, starred in the 2014 thriller Lords of London with his childhood friend Ray Winston.

Actor Sean Blowers, who played John Hallam (Photo: Getty Images North America) Sean Blowers – John Hallam

Has the immensely lovable but rather tense John ever received the promotion he was chasing? He never did that, did he?

The character suffered severe trauma after being buried alive when a wall collapsed while working in the fourth series.

Five years later, John was brutally killed after an 80-foot fall as the portal gave way to camp hell.

Actor Sean, currently 61, has also appeared on EastEnders, Crossroads, Heartbeat and Doctor Who.

You can also recognize him by his role as Wyman Manderly in the season six finale of the hugely popular Game of Thrones.

Actor Richard Walsh, who played Bert “Sicknote” Quigley (Photo: Getty Images) Richard Walsh – Bert “Sicknote” Quigley

Blackwall’s hypochondriac, aptly nicknamed “Sicknote,” complained constantly about one disease or another.

As a would-be stage star, he often appeared at the theater with his wife Jean, with whom his peers were reluctant to show support.

Sicknote said goodbye in Series 12 when he sadly died in an explosion at a fireworks factory.

Ever since he left the series, actor Richard has appeared on the daily TV shows Doctors, Daddy’s Girl, Midsomer Murders and Heartbeat.

The 70-year-old also appeared on the Netflix series The Crown as Joe Gormley in 2019.

Jerome Flynn played Kenny “Rambo” Baines (photo: Getty Images) Jerome Flynn – Kenny “Rambo” Baines

“But he wasn’t in Burning, London!” we hear you cry.

Well, he only starred in the first television movie, but we felt actor Jerome was worth a mention as he had a phenomenal success after Blackwall.

Of course, Jerome played the role of Paddy Garvey of the Royal Fusiliers opposite Robson Green in the hit drama Soldier Soldier.

With their versions of Unchained Melody, I Believe and What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted?

Jerome, now 58, appeared in the terrifying 19th-century drama Ripper Street and an episode of the disturbing Black Mirror by Charlie Brooker in 2016.

Game of Thrones fans will immediately recognize him as the lovable villain Bronn, who has appeared in countless episodes from 2011 to 2019. In 2019, he also appeared as Berrada in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum alongside Keanu Reeves and Halle Berry.

James Hazeldine played Mike “Bayleaf” Wilson (Image: Mirrorpix) James Hazeldine – Mike “Bayleaf” Wilson

An immensely popular member of the team, Bayleaf was the Chaos manager until he quit the show in Series 8.

The character has been involved in many engaging plots, such as being unconscious after a wall collapses, as well as being buried alive.

A star of the stage and screen, actor James was a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company and starred in the children’s television series Chocky and Heartbeat.

James played the role of Sigmund Freud in the play The Talking Cure in December 2002, but soon fell ill and sadly died a week later. He was 55 years old.

Trevor Nunn, director of the Royal National Theater, described him as “a man of scrupulously observed truthfulness, comic brio and emotional audacity,” who was also “a man of contagious enthusiasm, great warmth and humanity, liked by his peers.” . .

London Burning actor Ben Onwukwe (photo: Daily Mirror) Ben Onwukwe – Stuart “Recall” MacKenzie

Nicknamed “Recall” due to his amazing photographic memory, Stuart joined the team midway through season four.

A firefighter was almost thrown from the crew when he refused to shave his beard – something the team fixed by tying it up and shaving it for him!

Since the end of the series, the now 64-year-old actor Ben has been busy performing on Coronation Street as Clyde Johnson in Holby City and Dessie Dunn in EastEnders.

In 2018, he starred as Eric Pratchett in the drama “Safe,” and a year later he portrayed WEB Dubois in “Hero,” inspired by the life and sometimes Caribbean war hero, judge and diplomat Ulrich Cross.

Ross Boatman and Sam Beckinsale (photo: Mirrorpix) Ross Boatman – Kevin Medhurst

Known as the relentless troublemaker on Blue Watch, this bitter firefighter often argues with co-workers and questions the authority of his superiors.

The main character, Kevin, came from a broken home and experienced a lot of grief in his life before joining the boys in the ward.

Actor Ross is a top poker player and member of The Hendon Mob’s professional quartet.

The now 58-year-old actor has also achieved success on the European Poker Tour and is proud to have several poker titles to his credit.

Michael Garner played Geoffrey Pearce in Burning in London (photo: TV Times / Future Publishing via G) Michael Garner – Geoffrey “Poison” Pearce

It wasn’t until Series 6 that the old Poison joined the clock. He deserved an unpleasant nickname because he was prone to gossip and was too lenient with his superiors.

However, the character was not bad and was very sensitive at times.

After Blackwall, actor Michael joined many of his associates, appearing in Doctors, Holby City and Casualty.

Quite unexpectedly, he appeared in the music video of pop star Ellie Goulding for the 2013 movie How Long Will I Love You.

67-year-old Michael is probably best known for appearing on stages, playing multiple roles in countless Shakespearean plays, Educating Rita and the less league-like Evening with Gary Lineker.

Actress Sam Beckinsale who played Kate Stevens (Image: Daily Mirror) Samantha Beckinsale – Kate Stevens

Kate joined the crew in 1990 and quickly became a well-liked member of the team during her two-year tenure.

Actress Samantha previously appeared as WPC Martin in an episode of the Thames television series Never The Twain.

Later in 1994, she landed the role of Gillian on the sitcom Time After Time.

Three years later, she starred as Jilly Howell in the short-lived sitcom Get Well Soon, and in 1998, she played Gillian Monroe in the short-lived sitcom Duck Patrol with One Foot in the Grave, directed by Richard Wilson.

Samantha, now 55, has also appeared in Doctors, Holby City, and Heartbeat.

Connor Byrne played Rob “Hyper” Sharpe (Image: LWT) Connor Byrne – Rob “Hyper” Sharpe

There were emotional scenes in series 12 and 13 when Hyper came out in front of his colleagues as cheerful.

He was later promoted to lead firefighter but never got a proper exit as he departed at the start of the last series for unknown reasons.

Actor Connor is perhaps best known for his role as Mike Milligan in all three of Tracy Beaker shows, making him the longest-serving cast member on the show.

The 57-year-old now also played Geoff in three episodes of Emmerdale in 2019, and this year he will be appearing on our screens as Dale Roberts in Doctors.

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