Long Night of Music Munich: 400 concerts in 60 locations – Munich

Before Corona, a “super upload event” would gracefully be called the Long Night of Music: tens of thousands have made their way around the city to network and discover clubs, pubs, concert halls, churches and other cultural venues. It’s logical that it seemed too risky for two years. The “Eeeendlich”, the program brochure says, continues the more than 20-year history of this music festival, this time being voluntarily limited to 16,000 ticket buyers to keep them comfortable, says David Boppert, managing director of the organizing Münchner Kultur GmbH, says.

State, city and private institutions are re-weaving a huge tapestry of music, theater and spectacle. On four shuttle bus routes, on foot or by bike, you can get carried away at 400 concerts at 60 locations, from Klezmer at the Egyptian Museum, to a student concert at the Academy of Music, to singer and songwriter Jonathan Gordon at the Egyptian Museum. Künstlerhaus, for a swing dance course at the Vintage club and from one of the new creative districts of the city – Gasteig HP8, Kreativlabor 2, Werksviertel Mittel – to the other. Munich is teeming with life and spreading.

Ringing factory district

Kunstpark Ost, Kulturfabrik – long gone. But “art and culture should remain the heart of the Werksviertel,” says Caroline Eckart, Managing Director of the event factory, which fills a mixed area with a creative life. Its colorful program will also be presented during the Long Music Night. Especially in the cultural heart of the district, the Werk7 theater. This is evidenced by the new series “Soundwerk7”, which in the future is to invite visitors to various music worlds. At the premiere of The Long Night, they want to devote themselves entirely to the musical, as Werk7 has long been home to the plays “Amelia’s Wonderful World” and “Fack Ju Göthe” and shows ambitious off-for-the-moment productions.

A few steps further at Café Guatemuc, David Topic will play marimba music, which is an integral part of Guatemalan culture. There are also culinary specialties and the appropriate atmosphere of the region. The Werksviertel also has a little bit of Spain to offer in the La Tasca Flamenca bar. Here is the team Los Compadres appear. A contrasting program runs through the Transit Rooftop & Bar: the German producer and DJ duo Boehm & Lifeofchris will play electronic dance music over the rooftops of the motley Werksviertel.

Rave in the new Gasteig

“Youth Riot” is what Laura Glauber and her band “Lauraine” want to express on their current EP “Waves”. On The Long Night, he appears in Gasteig HP8.

(photo by Laila Bierling)

“Everything new in the south” and “Everything except classical music” – Gasteig is taking up this year’s Long Music Night under these two slogans. Due to the renovation work, Gasteig has moved to his HP8 replacement headquarters. Most people know it, but not all have been here. Long Night gives you the opportunity to get to know the area on the Isar Canal. Another novelty is the program: Once upon a time – before the pandemic – Gasteig with ten scenes could be called the superlative of the Long Music Night.

It should be completely different now. Not more than 40 performances, but only ten, spread over three stages: The open-air stage is to create space for musicians of acoustic sounds: Das Elias Prince Trio with his mix of swing / ballad / waltz, jazz musicians Sophia and Valentine and Manu loves you madlywhich combine folk, blues and pop. In the multifunctional hall X, in addition to the indie pop band Richter + Lippus from Munich and soul singer Seda from 22.40 also from Suddeutsche Zeitung named the Team of the Year 2020 Lauraine appear. According to Gasteig spokesman Michael Amtmann, Long Night at the Gasteig HP8 could “start well, stop in the middle and end incredibly well.” Because at 23:00 it will be axolotl, Francesca btb ReznapMax Unhold i Storm and Peace transform Halle E, the spectacular foyer of the Isarphilharmonie, into a rave club with electro rhythms where you can keep dancing long after the party is officially over.

authorities and creativity

A long night of music: easy to set up: the ZAV art agency of the employment agency showcases its range of services, including improvisational operas

Easy to place: The ZAV art agency of the employment agency presents its offer, including the improvisational opera “La Traviata”

(Photo: Chr. Flamm)

Regarding the size of the event, the Federal Employment Agency robbed Gasteig from first place this year. Power knows much more about art and culture than many people. Over the past two years of the pandemic, employment agencies, and here the art agency department in particular, have witnessed with their own eyes cultural workers struggling: cancellation after cancellation, months of inactivity. Therefore, the agency was especially pleased to be able to re-present all the artists who were to be part of the Long Night of Music in 2020. The program in the JIZ room at Kapuzinerplatz is classical music, jazz and opera, but also acrobatics, stilt walkers and juggling.

The Bavarian Interior Ministry for Sport and Integration is also there. Many visitors will line up alone to enter the Odeon – the former concert hall, now the inner courtyard of the ministry. But the musical offer is also attractive: the tenor Manuel Ried and the a cappella choir Delight for the soul appear under the slogan “Aid for refugees from Ukraine in Bavaria”. On Amalienstrasse, the Consulate General of Hungary also opens its doors to jazz music performed by the band Kodaly Spicy Jazz is interpreted in a modern way. And the Czech Center – on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to strengthen the “good reputation of the Czech Republic in the world” – presents the jazz trio Otto Hejnica, the country’s most famous drummer.

Irrigation for Riesling

From the largest co-organizer to the smallest – on an area of ​​10.3 sq m to be exact. – you can take a detour from the employment office to the JuLu cafe. The coffee shop program at Sendlinger Tor is also small, but okay: MadButFine is the name of a Munich band that wants to give a good concert without electricity. “All it took was a phone call and they were there,” says co-founder Jannis Pohl, who is happy to be there with his mini-cafe. There is something about music washing you over coffee, Riesling or a meal. Therefore, numerous dining options take part in the Long Night. Like Ratskeller Munich on the Odeonsplatz, the one with a rock band Beware of dog participates for the eleventh time. If you miss home between jazz, rock and pop, stop by the Gasthaus Isarthor. There’s a band playing there crushing plate Folk music from Lower Bavaria.


Hotels are not only pleasant places for outsiders, locals also like to hang out in their bars and clubs. In any case, during the Long Night, everyone will have to get a little closer. For example, at the Bayerischer Hof nightclub, where the Munich band jazz soul, funk and lounge sounds. Jazz and evergreens are on the saxophonist Peter Kral’s program at Sophia’s Bar at the Charles Hotel. And in the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten you can also pamper funk and soul The time is now not fastened. In addition to renowned venues, there are even more to discover (near the main train station): the Boilerman Bar at Hotel 25h and the songwriting duo second spiritand Almbar at the Cocoon Hotel, where Hansi Riethmeier (known from Wiesnschänke Käfera) has hits from a beer tent.

Special theater tickets

The Long Night of Music: Visitors to the Long Night at the Bavarian National Theater can even stand on stage - not as artists, but only during a guided tour.

Visitors to the Long Night at the Bavarian National Theater can even stand on stage – not as an artist, but only during the tour.

(Photo: Bavarian State Opera)

If you want to get hold of one of the most restricted seats for night visitors in theaters, you’ll need a bit of luck and patience in the queue. For example, at GOP Varieté, you can book a maximum of two tickets for the “Sailors” show by phone (089/210288444) or pick them up at the box office half an hour before the start of the performance. In Gärtnerplatztheater there are tickets for “Candide” at 6.30 pm at the box office – however, after Bernstein’s operetta, some soloists sing until 1 am. And the “Pasaż” ballet evening (tickets from 6.30 pm) also does not end at the National Theater. In the “Open House” from 22:30 to 2:00 night tours and performances by rising stars of the Opera Studio and the Orchestral Academy take place.

Choir bath

A long night of music: hard but heartfelt: The Bud Spenzer Heart Choir only sings songs from films with a powerful actor - during the Long Night at the Müller'sches Volksbad.

Tough but hearty: Bud Spenzer Heart Choir only sings songs from movies with a powerful actor – during the Long Night at the Müller’sches Volksbad.

(Photo: Bud Spencer’s Heart Choir)

Dip your feet in the water and listen to the music – this is how you survive the Long Night at the Müller’sches Volksbad. The Art Nouveau style house offers a great backdrop and reverberant acoustics for a choir evening, for example with unparalleled Bud Spenzer Heart Choir (“60 flying fists on ear cloths”). Another bar choir this Munich pub choir, this time crowded at Café Bellevue (Schleißheimer Straße 142) with a parade of independent hits. There are more places in churches where you can hear not only sacred choral music: in addition to the Choir of St. The brand also has a rock-pop choir Choir Robinand in St. Willibrod the Mothers’ Choir, Munich English Choir and Rainbow Choir take turns.

Munich Long Music Night, Saturday, May 7, from 20:00 to 02:00, tickets cost € 20 www.muenchenticket.defour bus lines depart from Odeonsplatz, information: www.muenchner.de

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